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I have always been fascinated by the vast jobs robots are able to perform, and by the way all these cars around us were designed.

The problem is, my interest was not satisfied by revolving around the outer appearance of these machines or by how well they achieved their functions, but was constantly demanding to learn more about how they managed to do so, and what inner complexities I was not allowed to meet closely made it capable of attracting my attention.

Engineering arrived like a wish granting spell, as it combines the two subjects I am very passionate about. Majoring in engineering is going to give me the chance to further dive into the interesting findings of physics and finally put the mathematical knowledge I gained during my A-levels into practical application.

Problem solving is one thing I will be facing during my studying years, and it is the thing I am willing to encounter in order to both, help society, as well as myself. Challenges tempt me so much. I would risk it and make my mind that I should get out nothing but a winner. That is another reason that makes me ready to solve those problems I will face, and certainly, in the most creative ways.

In addition to that, a very important group of those who change the world are engineers. They get to fetch for ways to control and prevent the pollution going on because a greener environment, free from pollutants is what we are all looking forward to. They also create new medicines, explore and develop new technologies. They can try out all the amazing things we thought would only exist in imagination, from flying vehicles to undersea buildings. They are able to get a hold of these wonders and make them the future's reality, and I would be very glad to join them in doing so.

After choosing to be one, I read various pieces of information about engineers that made it to the high rank, success. Among the text I went through, I found Hedy Lamarr, who has affected today's availability of Wi-Fi, Smartphones, and any other wireless technology possible. I honestly regard this as very impressing, as almost all our reliance nowadays is on the result of her creation.

Despite the fact that Hedy had no degree in engineering, she had an idea for switching from a frequency to another in a matter of split-second intervals, and putting it into application was enough to help us reach today's technologies.

In our time, though, I believe that an engineer is not going to prosper if he depends only on the knowledge he graduates with. Every engineer needs to build certain skills including leadership, business adeptness, management, and ease of communication.

Having English as my second language did not stop me from aiming to be a good user of it. I have been attending an English speaking school for thirteen years, and sat for the IGCSE English as a Second language exam achieving an A*. Moreover, I have been to English Summer Programs twice as a young girl.

I believe my stay in the UK will help me get an even better language and accent. In fact, I enjoy learning new languages, and being surrounded by international students from different parts around the world might get me to learn more languages and improve the ones I already know little of.

Not only that, but mixing with students with different backgrounds and talents will be a step forward in being a better participant during teamwork and a good boost to my confidence.

Apart from that, studying in the UK will free me, somehow. I will be more capable of organizing my time without being held back by family obligations. It will bring about a more independent person out of me that can work her way through life with a lot of her own effort.

Finally, I hope that a degree from your university is going to serve as the ultimate base to the journey I am taking to achieve my dreams towards a successful engineering career.

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This personal statement was written by Batool for application in 2013.

Batool's university choices
The University of Birmingham
The University of Nottingham
Queen Mary, University of London
The University of Manchester
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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