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I am predicted to get 3 A grades in Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Since I first grasped the principles of maths, I have been fascinated by the subject. This interest has led to me being placed in the advanced maths and science groups at school.

I find understanding the way things work intriguing because of the incredible variety of tasks different machines are capable of performing and I would like the opportunity to expand my knowledge at university. The course I have chosen will allow me to study a range of disciplines initially, with the ability to specialise in the final years.

At the age of 15, I spent several weeks at a local engineering company as part of my work experience. This gave me an insight into CAD, mechanical engineering and computer systems, which has led to me wanting to study these at university.

I have participated in several UK Maths Challenge events, achieving a silver award twice. In 2003 I received the Culford School award for IT and whilst at the school I was also on the main editorial team for the school's magazine 'Th'Inkwell'.

This role gave me experience in working to deadlines as well as improving my teamwork skills. Whilst at Culford I was appointed to the position of IT assistant. The position involved tasks such as helping with the basic running of the network and helping others to use the software.

I have been appointed to several positions of responsibility throughout my school life, most recently helping younger children in my school with reading disabilities and Sixth Form Prefect (I was also a prefect at Culford School). I also have a regular part-time job at a local restaurant and through working there I have learned the importance of punctuality and reliability at work.

In the summer of 2007 I participated in a World Challenge Expedition to India. During the expedition, I spent a month participating in community work at a school, where we taught English lessons, painted a classroom and purchased desks and musical instruments.

However, it wasn't all glamorous as we also rebuilt their toilet block! After helping in the school we went trekking in the Himalayas. I am particularly proud of the fact that the GBP 4000 cost of this was paid for entirely by my part-time job, without any financial help from my family. Overall this experience was valuable because it required me to take responsibility and make decisions on behalf of myself and the team.

I have several hobbies, which I enjoy outside of school. One of these is a keen interest in photography; one of my photographs was featured on the main page of an arts website.

Another of my passions is music. During my time at Culford I passed my grade 3 trombone exam and was placed first in the school music competition.

I enjoy socialising with new people and taking part in events as a team. For this reason I was a member of the Air Training Corps for two years, where I was able to participate in activities such as flying and aerobatics. Currently I am secretary of the Environment Committee at my 6th form.

We are attempting to reduce the carbon footprint of our school and create an eco-friendly ethos within the school. Some examples of our initiatives are organising a student car-pool and switching off unnecessary electrical appliances.

My experiences during my AS-A level studies have enabled me to be self-reliant, organised and highly motivated, which should prove to be invaluable tools for life at university and later life.

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This personal statement was written by dijital for application in 2008.

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So far I have received a conditional offer from both Imperial College and Loughborough as well as an interview from Cambridge, Durham and York.


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veery cool....this statement

veery cool....this statement def. suits my style and organisation

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