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I see engineering principles in everyday life. As how I truly see it, knowing how an object works is truly fascinating. In music, as an experienced timpanist, it is important to understand something as simple as the ratchet clutch system in the pedals to the tuning mechanism in the equalization of tension on the skin of the drum.

I grew up fostering an interest in mechanical objects and the desire to invent and innovate. As a child, I built toy cars out of daily objects such as ice-cream sticks and bottle caps.

Slowly I began to start modifying my inventions to increase the efficiency of the car. For instance, implementing the use of rubber bands to enable car rotation and straws to reduce friction between the axle and the tyre.

It fascinates me that from Physics and Chemistry, I now perceive that the whole world is always in motion, and hence I am particularly interested in the mechanical applications of everyday life, especially objects involving movement.

To further my interest in Engineering I have read several books and taken the opportunity to participate in lectures and talks. A TED talk from Stephen Petranek concerning the possibility of living on Mars and how we could survive, showed me how important it is for Engineers to be open-minded to the possibilities of overcoming the impossible.

Fawn Qiu's project on building a game that is mechanically engineered provoked my interest in how fun, easy and interactive Mechanical Engineering can be.

Her idea was to invent games using daily objects and is demonstrated by introducing the 'Gaming Box' consisting of a simple circuitry and rotation of a sheet of designed paper, imitating the popular mobile game 'flappy bird'.

Henry Petroski's book 'Success through Failure' emphasized how Engineering is a process of predicting and preventing failures; coming to a realization that Engineering is a form of practice to reach the best results possible.

I have also enjoyed reading about the history of Engineering in 'Engineering in the Ancient World' by J.G. Landels which discussed the inventions of great Engineers from 2700BC in Ancient Egypt by the great Imhotep to 300BC with regard to the momentous invention of levers and watermills by the Greeks.

I enjoy problem solving, especially in Mathematics and find it very satisfying to solve complex equations. Physics also interests me greatly. Theories such as the Apex Line Theory and Traction Circle Theory that I first discovered after participating in a mini-go kart race, has made me question further on the application of Mathematics integrated into Physics.

Physics has honed my ability to research, investigate and solve problems presented to me, for example, the need to give appropriate comments and conclusions even if it comes to failing an experiment. I believe that this is one of the key aspects of being an Engineer, the ability to solve problems with not only determination but also with discipline, commitment and efficiency.

Alongside my love for mechanics, I have also been involved in several extra-curricular activities. For five years I was a member of the wind orchestra in secondary school, taking the position of Head Percussionist for three years. My greatest feat was going to Hong Kong Disneyland with my fellow band mates to perform.

I have also played chess competitively in tournaments for many years. Sports such as Taekwondo have also proved to be rewarding as it has taught me to be positively competitive, to always work hard and strive for the best.

British scientists, such as Brunel, have accomplished outstanding and revolutionizing advancements in the field of science possible.

With UK being a spot to some of the world's top centres for research and innovation in the field of Engineering, I believe it will be the ideal location to further my education. Studying here will further my abilities and I will also have a chance to gain from, or even to work, with some of the best of the best in the field.

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