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Aerospace engineering is set to be possibly the most important sector of the engineering industry in the future.

Suddenly flying cars are no longer a mere dream but instead a real possibility! This is why I want to study aerospace engineering; I want to be a part of this constantly evolving field and I also hope to be involved with the design of the next generation of fast jets, unmanned air vehicles and much more.

As a training glider pilot and keen physicist, I am particularly interested in the aerodynamics and aerospace design topics within aerospace engineering.

My interest in aerospace has developed from a very early age; I have always been fascinated by how seemingly inelegant, large pieces of metal manage to be supported by air alone.

Through my teenage years I pursued this interest further by becoming involved with the Air Training Corp. In which I have been lucky enough to get the chance to shadow engineer officers working on the cutting edge of military air power.

I have also been one of a selected few who have visited such places of engineering interest like Boscombe Down, Marshall aerospace headquarters and also the US air base of Lockhead Martin.

These visits have provided me with a unique insight into the world of engineering, which has only increased my enthusiasm and determination to succeed within the aerospace engineering subject.

I have also recently read 'not much of an engineer' by Sir Stanley Hooker. I found this book highly informative and it, again, gave a great insight into the life of a talented engineer. Due to these experiences my primary goal is to become an engineer officer within the Royal Air Force.

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This personal statement was written by lauralythall for application in 2008.

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This is only half of my personal statement and i would very much appreciate your feedback.


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How do you pilot a glider?

How do you pilot a glider?

may i ask which universities

may i ask which universities you were offered a place in? and which ones you applied for.

contact please

may i pleased to know your email address and so i could able to contact you.
thank you.

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