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From a very young age I was intrigued by projectiles. Always wondering why if I threw an object, it would inevitably return to the ground no matter how hard I tried.

Such queries kept me captivated throughout my youth and are probably what motivates my enjoyment in physics today.

The strong drive that makes me want to pursuit a career in mechanics all developed whilst studying forces during my third and fourth year of high school.

Learning about such things as the Newton balance, conservation of energy and laws of motion all intrigued me and stimulated me to learn and picture myself one day pursuing a career involving the more complex dimensions of mechanics.

Reading prospectuses and talking to students, plus family members and family friends with degrees in different aspects of engineering, helped me to finalize my decision in choosing mechanical engineering as I course I wanted to be involved with. Deep-water and Subsea technologies is just one of the sectors of mechanics that I wouldparticularly enjoy specialising in.

Hearing stories told by my grandfather about his past work on oil rigs only fascinated me further. Having a keen interest in scuba diving, I feel that specialising in Deep-water technologies would be just one aspect of mechanics I would be interested to further enhance my knowledge.

Last summer I participated in the South Lanarkshire MSD Pharmaceutical challenge in which many pupils from several schools were given a lecture on Alzheimer's disease and how it affects the brain.

In groups of three, we all had to come up with a presentation on what we had been taught during the day and in the end my group came second. This was a very interesting day as I got to observe how lectures were presented and the way in which the information was taught.

Working as a team to complete and present a project was a great experience, also learning that this subject matter "was not the one for me" was a very useful part of the day.

Working part time in "Savers" has drastically improved my communication skills, patience and most of all my confidence in working with others. Experiencing unexpected challenges daily makes my work enjoyable and makes everyday different.

I am a very friendly outgoing individual. My interests consist mainly that of sport, such as badminton, cycling and golf, but I also enjoy reading and more recently cooking. I am a member of both the school and a local badminton club. I enjoy competing in competitions as well as practising with friends and family.

Teaching younger, less experienced players is a very rewarding experience as it gives me a sense of achievement when they win a game and use techniques I have personally shown them. It is a fantastic feeling to see someone you have spent time with succeed.

Along with teaching badminton, I also play a wide variety of musical instruments, some of which I play at school concerts with my band. Being in a band taught me how perform as a team which meant no egocentricity was allowed!

After achieving a degree in mechanics, I would use the knowledge that I gained during the course and develop it further through the application in our working society.

Believing I will be able to cope with the amount of work given to myself, I am applying to your university due to its fantastic reputation, culture, human resources and tangible assets.

I believe the requirements to succeed in university have a far greater priority then that of the activities I enjoy doing, therefore my academic commitment would always take priority.

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This personal statement was written by chibbii for application in 2010.

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