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I have always had an eye for how things work. I have a talent for being able to look at something mechanical and have a pretty good guess at what goes on inside.

Even better, if not working being able to logically think through the problem and fix it. If not, I am happy to research online for information to solve the problem.

This is why I love science based subjects; I find them easier to understand than literacy based subjects. There’s only one correct answer in maths.

The saying “You learn from your mistakes” is very true. I have always used my mistakes as something to learn from, especially with my computer and my phone. I have customised both my phone and computer’s operating systems. I have added new features and got rid of some of the annoying ones.

Doing this often means breaking something once in a while. As I don’t have enough money to get things repaired, I fix them myself. By repairing them I have developed my skills in effective research, using a variety of resources such as forums and websites to resolve the issue.

This might be time consuming but always a fun experience. This is the way I have taught myself about computers, more so than from listening to my teacher in class. I am sure there’s a fancy name for learning from experience rather than reading a book, but I think for me, it’s the right way to learn.

Recently my interest has moved away from Computing to Engineering. As I enjoy and understand mathematics and physics, I feel engineering would mean I can focus and have a good attitude towards study.

I have quickly adapted to a change of subjects after the summer and through hard work I have caught up on course work.

Outside of school I volunteer as a Corporal and Junior Instructor in the Army Cadet Force. This role allows me to demonstrate and further develop many skills such as leadership, teamwork and commitment. As a Corporal I am a section commander and am responsible for the actions of lower ranking Cadets.

Most recently I have delivered lessons on Drill and Navigation. Cadets give me the opportunity to participate in adventure training, attending summer camps as well as weekends away. These offer lifetime skills, experiences and memories.

Through the Army Cadet Force I have competed at both company and battalion level. I was one of 10 cadets – out of a possible 500, to be selected to represent 1st Bn The Highlanders to compete against other Scottish teams in a tactical competition.

I was the first junior ranking cadet to represent our Battalion in a long time and I didn’t want let them down. To get selected you need to go by the Values and Standards of the ACF; Confidence, Discipline, Respect (for others), Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless Commitment.

On top of these skills you also need to be very good at field craft and be switched on at all times.

Taking part required commitment as we trained for three weekends, then a final weekend of the competition based in Edinburgh. It was very demanding but totally worth it.

As a Section you get to work rest and play together, you have to rely on each other. We rough camped in all weathers and used our teamwork to devise tactics for overcoming the opposition.

At home I like to take on new challenges ranging from fixing computers for friends and family, to helping my father with new projects around the house.

The latest being to source and fix the leak in our shower. I like these challenges as I get to learn loads of new things and skills by doing the practical work.

I love the sense of achievement from getting each little thing fixed and then the overall sense of achievement once the job is complete.

In conclusion, I feel my inquisitive mind and logical approach to problem solving are appropriate skills for engineering. The wide range of subject areas within engineering should offer a variety of career opportunities.

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I know there's a few bits that are a bit off, but it's my first draft and I and want to know what people (that aren't my parents) think.


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