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I have always been reassured by the logic and certainty associated with maths and the investigative approach of the sciences and appreciate the advantage of combining these to practical effect.

For instance, work on Mechanics modules has introduced problems that require a creative mind, whilst considering real and useful applications.

A course in engineering that will further challenge me in this way as well as applying scientific theory to practical situations appears to be the ideal step forward.

Within academia, I successfully completed my A2 Mathematics in Year 12, achieving Grade A, and now welcome the challenge of Further Mathematics: a course that will be fully complementary to my interest in pursuing a degree in engineering. Additionally, this year, I began studying AS Economics and Business Studies.

The choice of this course was prompted by a belief that it is important for my understanding of the business world and very much fuelled by interest in recent world affairs.

After the summer examinations I was pleased with my A2 Mathematics and AS marks, particularly my Physics result which I am advised is one of the Top 10 in the country. I also hope to subsequently further my interest in languages following good results at GCSE in French and German.

The subjects I have followed to A2 level are all useful within engineering. In Mathematics I have learnt the necessary methods to cope with a variety of situations whilst in Physics I have gained understanding of the basic principles behind them. Chemistry gives an insight into materials choice. My enjoyment of these subjects derives from, not only knowing the techniques and methods needed, but also the background thinking and proofs behind them.

Historical knowledge of economic changes from private reading, and my observations on the development and decline of the textile industry in the North-West, have resulted in a specific interest in industrial progress and a greater grasp of the basic engineering aspects involved therein.

I subscribe to New Scientist and enjoy reading about the recent advances in technology and in the development of theories of the universe. From a practical standpoint I have helped with the maintenance of an MGB in the family garage and have learnt a great deal about the plethora of materials involved in construction from the ubiquitous evidence of house renovation activity since a move 15 months ago.

Whilst maintaining a high academic standard, my self-organization has enabled me to participate in different activities and groups including a local brass band and the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, now completed.

Involvement in various sports, including hockey and 1st XV rugby, has allowed me to learn to work more effectively in a team environment, encouraging me to trust others and offer support to colleagues. I have also taken part in open days and school house activities such as music and sport and hope to become more involved in the organisation of such events this year.

Aside from the obvious benefits from team working I am, also, very clear of the constant need to determine my own direction and do value my ability to complete targets on time, in full. I also believe I listen to constructive criticism and act upon it. I work hard and feel I am organized and happy to be responsible for my own future.

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This personal statement was written by Teza4 for application in 2009.


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