Aeronautical Engineering Personal Statement Example 1

The rapid progress and achievements in aircraft technologies has motivated me to follow a career in aeronautical engineering as it plays a very significant role in today's modern world.

It is fascinating to see how engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles to everyday situations like the design, manufacture and operation of efficient structures, machines, processes and systems.

From a young age, I was inspired by my uncle who works in the field of engineering. He is an educated, organised, ambitious and determined person that has set high goals in his life and has managed to reach most of them.

When dealing with a certain project, he always starts from scratch and in the end the result is something amazing that he can be proud of. Engineering to me is the pursuit of a goal that may have started as a mere vision but turns into a functional piece of machinery as work of art.

I am currently an IB Diploma student and throughout my life, have developed several skills that I'm sure will be very helpful whilst studying engineering. Decision-making, critical thinking, interpersonal and management skills are but a few.

I have always been able to communicate well with others and participate in group discussions, evaluate the effect of different choices, identify problems and causes, and most importantly, motivate people.

Aeronautical engineering to me means wanting to be part of something that achieves almost miraculous results combining science, physics and design to create a technology that in my opinion, represents modern man pushing the boundaries of possibility ever further, ever higher.

I want to be an active member of an aeronautical engineering team and feel that this will lead me to an exciting future in many fields, ranging from the early stages of research, to uses in the armed forces or airline operators.

Being part of a team at school that organised camping events, allowed me to develop my interpersonal, organisational and co-ordination skills since I was responsible for running team activities.

These skills were further developed when I played tennis and netball. Trying to combat modern environmental issues was something I also did when I was a member of the environmental club at school.

I helped to co-ordinate beach clean-ups and tree planting sessions which gave me the opportunity to have hands on experience with nature.

There were countless other times when I participated in various charity fundraisers like collecting money for cancer research and for the disabled. Due to my academic abilities and personal traits my school's management has chosen me to participate in the National Parades, something I am very proud of.

The elective subjects I study at school form a solid foundation for engineering and even more specifically for aeronautics. Several concepts will be developed further in aeronautics such as Mechanics and The Laws of Motion that I have covered in Mathematics and Physics.

In this ever-expanding field of engineering, I strongly believe that I will have the chance to combine my passion, life experiences and my academic knowledge in order to succeed.

A crucible of expertise knowledge and experience in industry will optimise my potential as a student of the course. Being part of the vibrant and mixed community is the type of environment in which I want to be submerged so that the necessary skills can be nurtured.

I consider myself to be a very ambitious, determined and diligent person which I believe will help me in my future as well as the course that I intend to study at university.

I have grown to a mature and responsible woman eager to continue my studies in what is regarded to be the best educational systems around the world.

Higher education in the United Kingdom will provide me with the competitiveness required to succeed in today's world. I hope to achieve the highest success in my career, live life to the full and strive to reach high goals that I have set for myself.

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This personal statement was written by ILZ for application in 2011.

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