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My application for your university stems from my desire to study at one of the leading universities in the world and from my fascination of the impactful research being produced.

It also ensues from my deep passion for design, my appreciation of the environment, and my yearning to be amongst those who create the technological advances we see around us.

Robert Heinlein once said, ‘’One man’s ‘magic’ is another man’s engineering’’. Some of the most incredible inventions started with a doodle in the corner of a page, and I can’t help but dream that one day I would have the knowledge to create something too. Ultimately, it is not the study of science and engineering that is magic, but the contribution to society that the discipline can create.

Learning has always been my true passion, and almost every subject and interest has captivated me since I was a small child. I sought pleasure, for example, in memorising countries, states and capital cities, teaching anyone and everyone about the inner-workings of the cumulonimbus clouds, or even a splattering of languages (my most recent pursuit being basic Mandarin).

Leaving school in summer, I was left without a challenge, something which has always stimulated me. I yearned to study something more complex which led me to Maths and Physics. What started as a fun way to pass my gap year, has become a deeply ingrained passion that combines many of my former interests.

The dynamic relationship between humans and the Earth has always captivated me. I have studied a diverse range of subjects, which has allowed me to expand my knowledge and fully immerse myself in issues that effect human kind. Geography has developed my understanding of how people adapt to their environment, from the farmers of the Peruvian jungle, to investors of the concrete jungle.

Media allowed my imagination to grow, with its powerful influence in shaping the way society receives information and communicates. It also honed my skills of debating theories and ideas, passed down from great thinkers such as Karl Marx and Stanley Cohen. English language tied everything I learnt together; the need for imaginative communicators is vital to catalyse understanding.

Essay writing combined with exploring views and purpose has shaped me into a creative, open-minded, and engaging writer. My gained perspective on environmental issues has encouraged me to partake in a sustainable development project in Madagascar in the upcoming year.

To prepare for university I have also started training courses in Python and AutoCAD, technical skills that which will give me confidence in applying for internships, something I also hope to do over my gap year.

However, as fascinating as my two years of A-levels have been, I felt somewhat unsatisfied. Imagine learning all about the struggles and challenges that face the world but not having the technical knowledge to be able to contribute or help in any way.

Maths and physics were subjects I enjoyed immensely during GCSE’s, and being entered into the Math’s challenge every year was just another task I rose to. I feel inspired to dedicate my further education to the discipline of physical sciences, and in combining those with my passion for the environment, take this knowledge down an engineering and design path.

Balancing my independent study of sciences with my love for reading, ballet, part-time work and outdoor pursuits has been challenging, but I have maintained my dedication to all with enthusiasm. The determination it has taken to develop new skills has ignited a work ethic that will help me throughout the challenges of university.

I hope for my varied skills, enthusiasm and drive to be beneficial, not only working individually but in a group setting. If successful, your university’s world-class teaching and facilities will accelerate my education towards a career that I hope will contribute to society.

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Applied to:
Durham University
Cardiff University
University of Southampton
University of Leeds
LSE (Bsc Environment and Development)


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