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From the very first fire to planning the colonisation of Mars, the evolution of engineering has shaped the development of humanity; and so too has the development of humanity shaped the evolution of engineering.

It is this evolution, wherein humanity sought to reach into and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, which has truly captivated my interest.

Aerospace Engineering provides me with the opportunity to apply my knowledge of Maths, Physics and Chemistry in the practical design and production of aviation vehicles and systems, allowing me to further not only my studies, but my passion for the sciences and exploration of the skies.

Mathematics is the most rewarding and challenging of my subjects; I particularly enjoy the application of familiar mathematical concepts and formulae to real-world problems – especially ones I have modelled myself.

This is an aspect I particularly enjoyed about the M1 module, which I taught myself over the summer, and am currently in the process of teaching myself M2 and FP1.

I also enjoy the challenge of having to teach myself Further Mathematics, over the comfortable classroom environment of normal lessons.

As a Maths mentor for a younger student, I am able to work on the presentation of scientific and mathematical ideas with individuals to whom these concepts are new and unfamiliar.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the Physics course, but one topic I absolutely adored was that of gravitation: studying the dynamics of our spacecraft and satellites, alongside other celestial bodies.

Chemistry has introduced me to the field of thermodynamics; I am excited at the prospect of reinforcing this knowledge within an Aerospace Engineering course. It has also allowed me to visualise the composition and structure of matter on a molecular scale.

Studying Biology has honed my ability to analyse and interpret problems with a large degree of ambiguity, and data with cryptic yet invaluable applications in scientific research, enhancing my critical thinking and open-mindedness, preparing me for the inevitable challenge of tackling engineering problems from myriad different angles.

GCSE DT introduced me to CAD, and I have modelled a 3D guitar stand + storage unit complete with sliding door including every brace, plate and bolt that I used in its construction.

Windsurfing, surfing and sailing, as an interdisciplinary blend of both aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, has inspired me to teach myself more about fluid dynamics.

Frequent mountain biking has increased my interest in the use of lighter, yet more durable materials to provide dynamic systems with even more strength whilst remaining aerodynamic, such as carbon fibre.

Volunteering as a one-to-one personal assistant for children with severe disabilities, I have utilised my communication and teamwork skills efficiently under extreme pressure and timed conditions, and improved my leadership skills through the need to assign assets to tasks of varying degrees of priority when resources are limited.

My actions within communities have stemmed from my interest in improving the world through the provision of solutions – it is such desire that drives me to become an engineer.

I have already embarked upon my journey into engineering by reading Natasha McCarthy’s “Engineering: A Beginner’s Guide” and William Dye’s “Climbing into My Dream: An Aerospace Engineer’s Journey”, along with various magazines and online articles to keep up to date on the latest scientific discoveries and advancements.

Whilst science itself is the study of how things are, I see engineering as a vision of how things could be.

The crucial activity that sets the engineer aside from the scientist is that engineers engage in design: as Queen Elizabeth II herself once said, “At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions”.

It is the allure of innovation, made possible through the practical application of the sciences, that fuels my passion for engineering.

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From the very first fire to planning the colonisation of Mars, the evolution of engineering has shaped the development of humanity...


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