Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Example 23

I want to conquer the world of automobiles by becoming an automobile specialist.

With such plans I have always enjoyed studying more technical topics in physics such as electromagnetism. Apart from it being an engaging topic, motors played the role of an engine in all my toy cars so the curiosity was there from the beginning.

After getting an A* in O levels physics I felt highly encouraged and tried to broadened my knowledge of automobiles.

After spiking through the motor effect I started studying about cars predominantly about engines. Studying about camshafts was really appealing to me especially those small bumps on it which is what made it successfully operate valves in the engines.

Movement of pistons also grabbed my attention especially how combustion of fuel pushed it down which it turned rotated the crankshaft. This whole mechanism was so interesting that I decided to make a small home-made engine.

With both the shafts ready my next goal is make a piston which I find pretty challenging as I have to make sure the explosion in it doesn’t burn the inner core of my piston.

From a young engineer’s perspective I have always taken part in technical and challenging projects. Leading a three-person team to make a dc motor from the tools provided was interesting as apart from testing my physics knowledge it also whetted my leadership and teamwork skills which are very vital when later on in career leading a group of young engineers in a project.

I also went solo in making a simple electric circuit with knitting needles which was the reason I won the top place in that experiment back in school.

My most interesting task was to mechanically modify a toy car by attaching a pair of motors to it. Consequently I have earned the reputation of a mechanic in my house and have fixed many faulty electrical appliances with safety precautions.

From faulty irons to small remote controlled toys. One of my exciting tasks this summer includes making few small wooden lamps from discarded toys which I have successfully completed.

Moreover to acquire some work experience I signed up with few of my friends to visit an engineering college where we were taken to projects assigned to young engineers such as making a small robot.

Seeing those navies assigned to such an engaging task was so moving that it further whetted my decision to embark on a Mechanical Engineering career.

Having engaged myself with such tasks has given me knowledge of the inner mechanisms of such devices and has sharpened my problem solving ability. It has been an interesting experience which has given me an insight on what problems do engineers encounter while fixing more complicated machineries.

Moreover I have opted to study further mathematics which will enlighten areas in maths which may possibly come in handy while studying about machines at university level.

Apart from academics, I am an all-round sportsman and enjoy playing cricket. Sports are a vital facet of my life; it has made me fitter over the years. Having jumped through a ring of fire on a sports day has also me enjoy gymnastics.

Competing with different people in various sports has eventually boosted my confidence, has made me competitive and an easy-going person which is very much essential when different engineering students from differing backgrounds are grouped together to work on a task in universities, such qualities eradicate any self-imposed barriers such as shyness.

Leading my cricket team on in some tough matches has made me decisive and has given me self-belief in my abilities.

With persistent attitude and with unconquerable passion I am on board for this ambitious and thrilling ride.

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