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Engineering plants fascinates me - I am drawn to the interaction between complex machines and support systems to achieve a goal. I also have a love of problem solving, by which I mean the identification of a problem and the selection and implementation of a solution. I find the process exciting and I get a great deal of satisfaction upon completion.

I have known from an early age that I wanted to be an engineer, however, I initially struggled to find a niche into which I fit. After completing my BEng, I worked briefly for [an employer] in a manufacturing plant but decided that this did not present a sufficient challenge for me. I had also worked part time for many years in watersports and later, on yachts.

I realised I could combine my fascination with engineering plant, and the challenge of problem solving with my interest in the sea by moving into the marine industry. I began the process of qualifying as Engineering Officer of the Watch by enrolling at [a marine] Academy in 2009, with a sponsorship from [First employer]

After my first trip to sea, I was hooked. The combination of ship's systems required to move a huge vessel, manage the cargo and keep the crew and passengers comfortable played beautifully into what I found captivating. I continued with my studies and completed the course with distinction in 2011. My tutor at [a marine academy] suggested that the offshore sector, and in particular [Second Employer], might be a good place for me to start. They offered me a position, and I have remained in their employment ever since.

Having found my niche, the offshore sector has further fuelled my interest in marine engineering. Whilst a ferry is a fairly complex machine, specialist vessels for offshore operations are always original in design and present a unique set of challenges to both the designers and operators. The sheer variety of vessels, structures and systems involved in offshore operations excites me.

Working for [Second Employer] has also provided opportunities for development outside my job scope. On noticing how much power is wasted onboard the [a merchant vessel], I proposed, sourced, installed and commissioned a 36kW closed loop temperature controlled inverter drive on a cooling water pump.

This modification has been very successful and has had the highest impact of any of my projects, reducing the electrical load of the vessel by 15% and saving approximately 70m3 of fuel per year.

Furthering my education by completing an MSc at [First Choice Uni] would increase my knowledge and understanding of marine systems. I recognise that my ability to solve problems is largely related to the number of tools I have in my toolbox, so to speak. I hope and intend the course will allow me to increase and develop what I have at my disposal.

Particularly, I should like to study selection of propulsion plant, engineering tribology and ship's control systems. I have an interest in these areas and would like to extend my knowledge.

The [First Choice Uni] master's degree has been recommended to me by several people in the industry, and as an alumnus, I am familiar with the quality of the tuition.

The qualification is necessary for me to remain competitive in the field of marine engineering for the remainder of my career. It will also enable me to pursue chartered status with [An Institute] which will give me additional standing within my chosen profession.

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This personal statement was written by subtleengineer for application in 2009.


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