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Aircraft is one of the major contributions of all time. The intricate engineering behind aircraft, space shuttle and satellite really captivates me.

The work of aerospace engineers is quite challenging as they apply their acquired knowledge of Mathematics and Physics to design such major products to satisfy real world necessities.

Mathematics and Physics have always been my favorites. The importance of Mathematics is the ability to solve problems, while the most appealing features of Physics is the way that complex physical phenomena are explained by simple theories and easy formulas.

I greatly enjoyed the mechanics modules of A-level Mathematics as it showed me how theory can be applied in real life and relates to the calculations and concept in physics. Chemistry gave me the microscopic view of composition and structure of matter. All these A-level subjects have given me a clear insight into the world of science.

Like all other kids, in my childhood I loved toys but not only for playing rather I used to open them up with screw drivers and then tried to figure out the internal electrical components. Obviously I did not know the name of all the parts, but I used to remember most electrical components by its shape.

When one of my toy aero planes was not functioning, I opened it and saw that the motor got burned. I replaced that with a new one and it was fixed!

From then my enthusiasm to know how things work started to grow stronger. I became deeply interested in aerospace engineering. Questions like "How a gigantic aircraft lifts up in the sky against gravitational force and how a satellite rotates in a circle around the earth?" started to frustrate my mind.

Due to my passion for Engineering I have always been part of the School Science Projects and in 2006 our team won a country held science fair competition where we designed an electrical circuit for domestic and bank security. In 2007 I participated in interschool mathematics competition, and stood 5th in the City.

Through these competitions and projects I learned a lot about team work and have developed leadership qualities. I held numerous positions of responsibilities in school like being a class leader twice and school prefect of junior students.

I have been taking part in voluntary works from 2009-2010, such as providing assistance to Computer and Physics teachers, and raising money for homeless people. These works increased my confidence and taught me how to work with different levels of people.

Swimming, reading and watching movies are my hobbies. Swimming refreshes my health and provides me with energy. Reading Scientific Journals (like New Scientist) keeps me updated with advancements in technologies and discoveries.

I also like reading biography of historic figures as it reassures me that with strong determination anyone can bring great changes in the world. Watching Science fictional movies like Star Trek, ET, Angels and demons, gives us snapshot how scientifically advanced the world can be.

UK has an unrivalled history of breakthroughs in different areas of engineering. The country offers education which is recognised worldwide also with an opportunity for international students to enhance technological knowledge and their applicability to real life. The skills and qualification that I will gain in the UK will be recognised worldwide.

I am self motivated, determined individual and I look forward to the social and academic challenges of the university. My commitment to become an Aeronautic or Aerospace engineer is very strong and I am certain I can make a contribution to the society I live in.

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This personal statement was written by fahmid for application in 2011.

Aeronautical Engineering MEng at University of Bristol

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nice, this is the course and

nice, this is the course and uni i want to do so thanks :)



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