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Our desire to innovate and explore new ideas has envisioned people ever since our ancestors first created levers and pulleys. With the power of Maths, engineers have translated the dreams of our civilisation into realities. This process of imagining and implementing, to exceed our limits and bring new concepts into the world is something I wish to pursue and contribute to.

My longstanding interest in the way humans travel influenced me to study engineering. As an avid aviation and technology enthusiast, I studied the fundamentals of C++ in order to attempt at developing MS Flight Simulator content. I attended the 'Maths Goes Into Space' lecture at Gresham College to gain a greater insight into how Maths and Engineering are interlinked to expand our understanding of the universe.

Maths has appealed to me as a vibrant and compelling way of viewing the world from a young age. Choosing to study Further Maths has allowed me to develop my logical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills, as well as broaden my understanding of the subject. Notably, taking three Mechanics modules has equipped me with strong foundations and provided vital knowledge for my future engineering career. I took great pleasure in reading Henry Petroski's 'Invention by Design'. I was fascinated by how engineers could create ingenious solutions to problems that varied from paper clips to cantilever bridges using principles that I had learnt in Mechanics, such as Newton's Laws of Motion. I also learnt how engineers must consider various social and environmental factors in their work, something that I believe is pivotal to a successful project.

Alongside Maths, Physics is an integral part of engineering. As a result, I've thoroughly enjoyed delving deeper into this fascinating subject. From reading Michio Kaku's 'Physics of the Future' I learnt about the incredible advancements in Physics that are reshaping our world. In particular, the concept of a spacecraft being powered by nuclear fusion was intriguing to me. From my knowledge of this process, I grasped how this intricate engine would effectively operate endlessly and travel at unprecedented speeds. From visiting the hadron collider at CERN I paired my understanding of the standard model with the importance of the Higgs Boson in allowing particles to have a mass. I was thrilled to see topics I had studied in school being linked with cutting-edge research.

To gain the skills needed to be a competent engineer, I have taken on various roles in my life. As an assistant head boy at my school, I've had a key part in organising large events such as assemblies and functions. This has provided me with strong leadership and teamwork skills. As an avid sportsperson, I'm able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and unwind from my academics.

My decision to take a gap year was heavily motivated by a desire to gain a diverse range of experiences. As part of this, I have been tutoring Maths to GCSE and AS students to reinforce my own abilities and mentor younger students in reaching their goals.

My determination to become an engineer of the future makes me evermore excited to be part of this world-changing discipline. Equipped with my passion for Maths and Physics, I aspire to learn more as I begin my future studies. I strongly believe that my ventures this year will make me a more rounded person, ready for the challenges I will face at university.

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