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My passion for structures began at the tender age of 7 on a trip to Nevada, USA, where I was confronted with this immense structure that has lingered at the back of my mind for over 10 years: 6.6 million tons of concrete holding back about 34 teraliters of water, the Hoover Dam, one of man’s most striking constructions, conquering what was once thought to be an impossible obstacle. What particularly inspires me is the fact that, at one point this structure was just simply an idea.

It excites me to ponder the structures of the past and where they could go within the next century and how I could hopefully, as a woman, play a significant role in the ever-growing team that will reshape the environment and push towards a more eco-friendly world. This will only happen by studying the great achievements of the past and considering the potential engineering solutions still to come.

When the time came to choose my options for A-levels, I chose the subjects that I enjoyed the most, however strange the combination seemed. The diversity offered by Physics, Maths, Art and French has given me a strong understanding of architectural design and spatial awareness in addition to absorbing theoretical and practical concepts which could be useful in the engineering course I have applied for.

Also, I believe that being fluent in English, French and Greek has provided me with good communication skills to use as globalization increases.

Developing my interest in structures, I took an 8 week course in AutoCAD to place myself into the mindset of a civil engineer. This decision was also cemented through work experience with an architect during September.

He took me to construction sites where he showed me that the whole purpose of creation is to observe how humans interact with the fundamental elements used to craft a simple building, as well as how these elements react with one another. This inspired me to research the future of sustainable cities. Due to a dramatic increase in urbanisation it is essential that technology learns to co-exist with nature.

I received an extra accidental push towards green building by picking up a magazine called “37 Degrees”. The first page I turned to, by chance, was an article on “Future Living”. How is it possible for an entire city to be powered 100% by solar energy, wind farms, geothermal systems and a hydrogen power plant by 2025?

Eco-cities like Masdar in the UAE will be powered entirely by these renewable energy sources thus generating a zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology. By combining super-insulated materials, low carbon and resource efficient development with recent technology, we should be able to create an urban system where man and nature co-exist in harmony.

I will be taking my grade 8 piano and music theory examinations soon. This is a hobby that has taught me more than just musical knowledge; it has taught me perseverance and determination, traits which are crucial in all aspects of the working world.

This year I have been fortunate enough to be appointed leader of the school band which is teaching me the importance of teamwork. My second year as a prefect has taught me responsibility and has aided me to grow as a person as well as improve my organizational skills. I’ve been skiing since I was 4 and I started wakeboarding about 4 years ago. These sports take sheer willpower and I feel I can do the same when it comes to my academic achievements.

I have been lucky enough to have travelled to many different countries around the world ranging from the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, to the hùtongs of Beijing.

Being confronted with such a vast selection of cultures has widened my perspective on the world, made me ready to embrace change and given me the ability to overcome problems which can seem insurmountable.

Consequently, I believe that I will be able to comfortably adjust to the course I have applied for and conquer any challenge thrown at me.

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Great personal statement! -

Great personal statement! - Can i ask which university you put as your firm and insurance?
I am also thinking of doing this course but i'm still not sure. I wanted to do engineering with an architecture slant - so more focused on buildings and bridges than roads.

did the nut fall too far from

did the nut fall too far from the tree ?

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