Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement Example 2

The Aeronautical industry is currently one of the most rapidly advancing and high tech industries, it fascinates me to see how the machines are being built and developed to achieve magnificent goals.

I have a basic understanding of how this is achieved through documentaries and research, however I endeavor to know more about this industry and broaden my understanding as the more I know the happier and more content I will become, the thought of working within this industry and helping mankind to advance and improve really excites me and your university provides me with the key features and opportunities to achieve this.

My passion for the aeronautical industry started at a very young age when I was take to the Farnborough and Bournemouth air shows, I can remember being stood with my father constantly asking questions and being fascinated in particular by the Apache helicopter, the RAF Tornado, and the highly skilled Red Arrow display.

I was also fortunate enough to be taken up in a helicopter and see how it is flown. At a young age I can remember being taken to see the captain of a commercial airline in his cockpit and being overwhelmed by the buttons and how it is flown.

I have a competitive personality and through completing an apprenticeship in engineering I have gained the skills to allow me to proactively problem solve or question if something is the best it can be. Which I think are fundamental skills within this industry.

Through attending your university I hope to obtain Chartered Engineering status, this will greatly increase my career prospects at the end of this course and allow me to pursue a job in an industry which greatly interests me. Part of this drive I feel comes from my father achieving Chartered Engineering status himself, and being very happy with his job.

I have also completed a level 2 apprenticeship in engineering and am working towards a BTEC Diploma level 3; this has taught me essential skills such as: teamwork, planning, punctuality, commitment, CAD, manufacturing, welding and problem solving. Working in an actual industry has given me key experience with dealing with customers and keeping people happy, it has also matured me greatly and taught me how to balance my life between work and home.

I have different jobs since the age of 13, and this has taught me to be independent and not rely on other people to get me through life. Whilst at school I was involved with a number of extra-curricular activities, these included the duke of Edinburgh bronze award, karate, hockey, football and basketball.

Attending university will also provide me with the rare opportunity of being surrounded by people who share the same interests and ambitions, which means ideas can be discussed and improved greatly.

I am a very outgoing person which can be shown through my hobbies, which include all types of music and instruments, downhill mountain biking and dirt jumping and a variety of sports. I am always looking for a challenge to take on and your university course will be able to provide me with that challenge and the satisfaction I will get from achieving it.

Recently I have been looking into the prospect of how engineers are taking ideas from nature to move along and improve the engineering industry, one thing which was of keen interest to me here was how understanding a giraffe has enabled a suit to be made which allows pilots to experience 9G’s without blacking out.

Within my apprenticeship I have carried out work for QinetiQ’s site, and was given the opportunity to see some of their facilities, even though a lot were off limits and top secret the parts I was allowed to see absolutely fascinated me. I also had a keen interest over the last few years in the Red Bull Stratos project which saw a man (Felix Baumgartner) sky dive from 24 miles above the earth, breaking the sound barrier.

Attending your university will give me the fundamental grounding I need to achieve what I want in life, and a way of getting there.

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