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From the very first day of college I’ve been gradually developing a great interest in all aspects of Chemistry and Maths.

Having recently read, “Beyond the Molecular Frontier: Challenges for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering” I have discovered what an imperative role chemists and chemical engineers play in industry and how, by working together, they contribute to an improved future.

Continuous opportunities and challenges across a wide range of chemical based industries, and a deeper insight into chemical sciences is what really attracted me to pursue a career in chemical engineering.

Due to my genuine interest in engineering I have participated in the Engineering Education Scheme (EESE) with great success. Our team of four was awarded with the Gold BA Crest Award for our project on spontaneous combustion, with special recognition for our oral presentations and written project.

Just after completion, we found out that our host company will actually be implementing our system on the Wilton Site in near future. As a self taught AutoCad user I was responsible for all technical drawings/sketches and visual presentations of our ideas. Due to the EESE my team working skills were significantly enhanced, along with my ability to communicate and contribute my ideas to a team of people.

Consequently I feel a much more able public speaker and willingly to take part in class debates and various school presentations. (write about E&T magazines)

In year 12, I was an IT director for our successful Young Enterprise company “LanguAges”. Our mission was to provide educational resources to enhance the learning of the French language by KS2 and KS3 children and to ultimately make a profit as a business. Hard work and determination from all of the members of our team helped us to sail through to the national finals.

As an IT director, I was able to demonstrate my high computer proficiency. My ability to use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and GIMP enabled me to design company logos, various graphics and gif animations. This significantly helped in the design and setting up of our company website.

I was also responsible for all PowerPoint presentations and written project designs and the creation of numerous spreadsheets for our financial department. As a special recognition for our financial work, we were awarded the best financially managed Young Enterprise company in UK.

Becoming student of the year at Dyke House School reflects my abilities to work hard and always try my best. When I first joined the school in year 10 my spoken and written English was very limited. I had to push myself to participate in lessons and to succeed in my GCSE examinations.

I have been slowly overcoming my language barrier by first becoming a school prefect and then in the long run starting to help other students with their maths and science after school. In my own time I greatly enjoyed playing football and I have represented Dyke House on several occasions.

Outside of college, I continue to play football in weekly 5 a side tournament with my friends and I am a currently part of the English Martyrs Ultimate Frisbee team.

I was thrilled to complete the Skills, Services and Physical parts of my Duke of Edinburgh award and with only expedition left to complete I am looking forward to receiving my Silver Award shortly.

Overall, I think I am an enthusiastic and determined student that is willing to take on the challenges that this course will throw at me.

My achievements so far reflect my dedication to my studies, which will continue to allow me to thrive in an undergraduate environment.

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Chemical Engineering at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne


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