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A chemical engineer seeks to use theories in sciences to achieve efficient processes in industrial operations.

Through my explorations in physics and mathematics researches, I realise that I am passionate to find efficient technological processes and create new scientific theories. Add my passions with my interest in solving mathematics problems, I am completely eager to understand and apply scientific knowledge through the study of my major.

There are clear benefits of achieving efficient industrial and technological processes: they save the world's energy and make best use of the scarce resources that the earth has.

I realised that I have a passion in creating efficient processes when I was doing my physics research. In the research, I explored the correlation between the change in the volume of the iron core (in an electric transformer) and the magnetic leakage (electrical energy wasted to the air).

Through my experiment, I reached to conclusion that increasing the volume of iron core produces less magnetic leakage. Meaning, the transformer does not disturb its surrounding circuitry and does not waste its electrical energy.

Thus through this experimentation, I successfully found a scientific theory or correlation between variables (iron core and magnetic leakage of electrical transformer) that can be helpful for other people who wants to similarly create efficient electrical processes.

Of course this theory or correlation that I found, due to limitations in time and equipment of the experiment, should not to be taken as an established theory. However, the satisfaction that I got when I researched and experimented on this topic made me realise that I am passionate in improving things to become efficient.

Throughout this research I have also realized that this particular area of physics (correlation between iron core and magnetic leak) was not extensively explored by other physicists in the scientific community.

This may mean that my experiment is insignificant or it could also mean that my topic is fresh and new. In which, I choose to believe in the latter. I am keen not only to make things more efficient, but also to seek new and unique relationships between theories and variables that have not yet been explored.

My interest in mathematics can also definitely help me cope as a chemical engineer. I have always been interested in exploring mathematical problems. In Grade 8, I won top 15 in national science Olympiad, in grade 9 I have gotten top 1% in Australian Mathematics Competition.

In my spare time, I also read mathematical books such as "Singapore Mathematical Olympiad: Problems with Answers and Solutions" and "Lecture notes on Mathematical Olympiad Courses by Xu Jiagu" to satisfy my interest in mathematics.

In chemical engineering, we must use mathematical theories to make calculations and approximations to ensure safety in manufacturing and industrial processes. So, I will adept in using mathematics in my major.

Besides academic, I'm also involved in other non-academic activities. One of them is TED-Ed Club, a club that focuses on improving communicating and presenting skills.

After I stuttered and failed in presenting a speech in Grade 11, I was inspired to initiate and find the TED-ED club. Eventually in Grade 12, I led the club in the hopes of improving the communication skills of the club members' and mine.

My passion for music and the arts has also led me to numerous activities. In Grade 12, I was casted and played the main role of my school's original musical production.

In Grade 10, I joined the school's band club, in which I received best keyboardist (keyboard player) in an inter-school band competition, SPECT 2014.

All the experiences and achievements in academics and non-academics have taught me that with the right focus and opportunity we can achieve whatever we want. Similarly, I hope this determination can help me succeed in my major.

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I am very proud of this personal statement. this essay has gotten me, for their undergraduate chemical engineering course, into

University of Edinburgh
University of Manchester
University College London
Imperial College London - Interview Offer

I hope that this personal statement can be of help for students seeking to study chemical engineering


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