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To me, engineering is fascinating. From what I learnt, the word “engineer” literally means “to make things happen”, the simple things in our daily lives to the complicated systems in factories.

Engineering plays a big role in the modern world of technology; this is what I am interested in.

Since young, I love to deal with numbers hence mathematics have always been my best subjects. I am currently taking Cambridge A-Levels, further mathematics is my favorite among the five subjects as it is challenging and much more interesting as compared to the normal Mathematics lessons.

I also find both Chemistry and Physics lesson much enjoyable as I am able to apply scientific theories to everyday life situations.

Throughout my academic years, I had been an active participant in my extracurricular activities. I have great leadership qualities, leading, conducting clubs and societies, and organizing events and competitions. I held the post of assistant secretary of Chinese Language Society (CLS) and was promoted to secretary in year 2007.

I had been involved in performances, both on stage and back stage, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, organised by CLS. I was a committee member in organizing events for the visiting Australian students. My team and I organized the Friendship Project in conjunction with the International Friendship Month on February. I also participated in Leadership Training Camp organized by PHC.

With guidance and encouragement from teachers and friends, I represented my school in several competitions. I was the producer of a drama, and I led my team to compete at school level in year 2005. I won the first runner up for the Chinese Poem Declamation Competition in year 2005.

In year 2006, together with my team, I won the 3rd place in the Education and Career Exploration at district level. My team also won 1st place for the folio presentation. All this experiences improved my understanding and skills in team working, time management, communication skills, as well as folio, visual and oral presentation.

In year 2008, I was chosen to participate in Malaysia National Service Training Camp. I lived there for three months, far away from home. In time, I gained lots of friends. I was exposed to different cultures of all ethnic groups and had to undergo hardcore physical trainings, fun character building classes, and also went for community services.

Besides gaining muscles and fitness, I gained new friends from all over my country, learnt to be independent, and skills I never learnt in school, such as surviving skills in the wild. It was fun, exciting and memorable.

Why do I choose engineering? It is a well recognised profession and provides career opportunities world wide. The chance to see how things work fascinates me and furthermore, as mechanical engineering is a wide field, I will have wide job opportunities.

Whether to work as a professional engineer which will be a technical route or to work in management level as my career progresses. I believe my determination to be an engineer will be the willpower for me to excel at higher education. I hope my application will be successful, as I know I have the potential to excel at higher education.

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This personal statement was written by jane doe for application in 2008.

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i dun think it's persuadable though... but hv no more idea wat to do wit it...


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