Electrical and Electronics Engineering Personal Statement Example 2

As my father is an engineer, I was exposed to some aspects of engineering from a young age, especially mechanical and electrical engineering.

Seeing what he does laid the foundation for my love for engineering. Asides from my family's influence on me, I am interested in engineering because it is practical, deals with how things work, involves critical thinking and my favourite subjects being Physics and Mathematics. I would love to build a career in Engineering because I see it as my way to change or at least contribute to developing the world.

Over the years, I have been able to feed my interest in Engineering in a number of ways. One of this is by attending a University Technical College.

Taking A-level physics opened my eyes to a lot of things, as we performed several practicals which were very interesting. In physics, the most interesting topic to me has always been electricity, because it is an essential component of practically every system in the world in the age of technology. Now I observe myself trying to understand different systems around me.

For instance, when I see a device, I think of the mechanism behind it, especially the electrical system. I also try to repair spoilt appliances at home, when I think I have a chance before calling a technician. Out of class, I play around with simulators like circuit wizard. I believe my inquisitive mind about how things work will be very helpful in the field of engineering.

Asides from my academics, I have been involved in various seminars and projects with the aim of developing myself and helping others. Through my school's partnership with many businesses and the University of Warwick, I have had many opportunities to meet and chat with engineers from various companies and draw inspiration from them.

I also attended Women in Engineering seminars where I learned about working and studying in the engineering sector.

Most recently I attended 'The Skills Show 2017' and got the chance to do some hands-on work. I built a traffic signal circuit using a manual and made a permanent magnet motor. I also got to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair the failure of the motor as it didn't work at first.

Constantly trying to improve, I am currently undergoing the Huawei ICT skill competition Western Europe 2017 and Duke of York award which recognizes work experience, communication skills and problem-solving.

In 2016, I participated in Democracy Day at Coventry City Council. Role-playing as a City council member, I participated in allocating funds and building social amenities in a virtual city.

This helped develop my teamwork skills while working alongside my classmates. I served in various capacities while in high school which involved relating with and assisting my schoolmates as well the school staff on various levels and this instilled in me a leadership spirit.

During the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, as then Health prefect, I made sure measures to prevent infection were upheld, such as ensuring every student washes their hands well as they are coming into school and before their lunch. I have also involved myself in some charity work over the recent years.

I volunteered in Scope Charity store where I helped arrange and restock shelves. I was the secretary of the Grenville's charity club and had the role of writing the meetings minutes, managing funds and assisting in organising events.

These responsibilities taught me to be more caring, patient and organized. I also engage in some sports periodically like Basketball and I recently won a gold medal for Long Jump at the RCCG UK sports day 2017.

Finally, I believe that a degree in electrical and electronics in university is the first step to achieving my dream which is to make the world more efficient, by creating effective systems.

I am aware that studying this course at the university will have its challenges but I believe in my determination and academic ability to complete my degree and be successful in the engineering field.

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