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The world is forever growing and evolving, as is the demand for new buildings and good infrastructure.

The pressures of population growth and global warming are ever increasing, and civil engineers can help play a major role in designing more efficient structures, as well as planning projects in developing countries. I am attracted to me to civil engineering because I like the idea of helping to shape the world around me to meet the demands of the future.

I hope for a challenging career which I will find personally rewarding and be able to feel that I have given something back to the community.

Academically, science has always been my main interest and is the area in which I am most able. I enjoyed biology, in particular learning about human impact on the environment.

However, during my A levels I realised that my interests lay deeper in maths and physics. I enjoyed the problem solving involved within my subjects and the way a real life situation could be expressed and manipulated mathematically.

What I found particularly interesting was relating what had been learnt in the classroom to real life situations, which is what gave me more interest in civil engineering - the appeal of a challenging career where I would have the opportunity to theoretically solve problems and practically apply solutions to have a beneficial effect on the world around me.

During my gap year I have had several work experience placements in various skilled trades such as building and joinery.

Through joinery I gained an appreciation of the need for accurate design and construction, as well as a knowledge of the uses of wood as a building material. Though much of the building work I have undertaken was in construction, I found it to be invaluable experience.

For example, whilst helping to build a garage I learnt about the importance of good design and planning by having to interpret the designs in order to determine how many bricks would be needed. During its constuction I noticed how important it was to build accurately, particularly at the corners of the building which supported most of the weight of the roof.

I also discovered the importance of keeping costs low, but the quality of work high. We made a different type of cement which was cheaper and weaker, but still met the needs for the inner walls. The most rewarding part of this experience seeing the project through from a plan on paper to its completion, and the feeling of satisfaction once it was completely built.

I have a passionate interest in music and have been playing guitar for about 5 years. I have enjoyed my time as a member of a band, which has helped me to work creatively as part of a team.

More recently, I have also achieved grade 2 in jazz piano. For years I have had a great enthusiasm for skateboarding and in November 2005 began undertaking voluntary work with a group helping to plan and design a skateboarding facility in Kings Heath park.

We were involved in preparatory work such as gaining public support and undertaking research at existing facilities across the UK, as well as its design. From this experience I learnt the importance of working as part of a team and meeting deadlines. Also, I gained an understanding of just how much preparation and organisation is needed, even for a small development.

By studying civil engineering at university I hope to build on my knowledge of maths and physics and learn how to apply it to real life situations. Having enjoyed my time at school I am excited by the prospect of going to university and learning more about our world around us. I hope for both a challenging and diverse career where I can help to improve the world for future generations to come.

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This personal statement was written by cycomiko for application in 2008.

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Did this two days before the application deadline... BIG MISTAKE! It took a lot longer than I thought it would and I'd have saved a lot of stress if I'd done it before. I know its not perfect, but it worked, got all 5 offers. Feel free to criticise whats bad (its not like i care if you don't like it :P). My advice to anyone would be to draft, redraft, reredraft and get anyone and everyone to check it over, put in anything relevant and anything that makes you look 'well rounded', and what qualities that gives you (like patience, teamworking, leadership etc). I did however know my results having applied a year late, got 3 As, might have had something to do with it.


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Which unis were you accepted a place?

nice and genuine.

nice and genuine.

what did they focus on in ur interview? was it something on ur PS?

What uni's did u apply to?

What uni's did u apply to?


houw man, that was cani gud that lyk

pretty decent statement, i

pretty decent statement, i think u covered what most universities desire, teamwork, interest which is the most valuable.

Applied for:

Applied for:
Oxford (not civ eng)

Got offers from all (oxford wanted an interview but i wanted to go birmingham regardless), in the interview at bham (was only informal) just asked me bout what generally interests me in civil engineering, and about what qualities i posessed (hint hint teamwork, leadership, time managements etc etc). Tbh if you're interested in civil enginerring then get some work experience otherwise the sort of interviews you'll face at uni will be a scary experience.

Nah kings heath in birmingham (the skatepark plan all kinda fell thru as far as i know)

did you by any chance go to

did you by any chance go to king edwards...cuz i go there.

tell me some tips about what

tell me some tips about what you need to know, and what you should write in your sinnce i am applying for civil engineering as well

tell me some tips about what

tell me some tips about what you need to know, and what you should write in your sinnce i am applying for civil engineering as well


Of course, I understand a little about this post but will try cope with it!!....

Holistically its a fairly

Holistically its a fairly good statement and you did pretty well considering your awful spelling and grammar.


Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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