Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Example 4

Like most engineers, I have always been curious about the functioning mechanisms behind the many objects we use in our daily lives. At school, Physics and Maths have always been the subjects that I find most intriguing and in which I excel.

This has strongly pushed me towards pursuing a career in engineering. Moreover, the inspiration and originality of engineering surfaced manifestly in me at an early age.

This field is one that influences almost all man-made creations and operations, from the enormity of a Yamato Class battleship back in World War II to the minute circuit that powers an artificially intelligent robot to tying a loose bolt on my sister’s bicycle.

Friends and teachers describe me as a logical thinker yet I often find unique solutions to physics problems. In addition, Mechanics components in A-level Maths have introduced problems that require an innovative mind, whilst featuring real and useful applications; these undoubtedly widened my scope, improved my application of Mathematics and increased my passion for Mechanics in particular.

During the academic year, I have been appointed as a teacher’s assistant in subjects like Math and Chemistry, peer-tutoring chapters to younger students in less advanced courses, correcting and assessing their test papers.

My school has recently hosted a shadowing day in which my I and my fellow colleagues sharing the same interests and career aspirations were given a detailed tour of a massive and prestigious new residential compound called “Madinaty”.

This has shown me more about the real operations engineers design and has made me even more confident that I have chosen the field of study that fits me best. I was motivated to develop exceptional computer skills at a very young age.

I acquired the ICDL certificate from Microsoft more than 5 years ago; I have also completed a VB programming course, which hopefully may assist me in computer-aided design courses in the future.

Whilst sustaining a high academic standard, my self-organization has enabled me to participate in various sports, activities and events. I have been president of the student council at my school for the last 3 years and have attended an enlightening leadership conference (ISLC) organized by graduates of the American University in Cairo.

I have been given the chance to develop my teamwork and leadership skills at many fundraising and charity events and at my school’s student council meetings.

In addition, I have taken up boxing and Mixed Martial Arts; I have also participated in a number of local tournaments. I am an active member of a non-profit organization called “Bedaya Men Hena” (meaning “It Starts Here” in Arabic) aimed at educating and enhancing general social skills amongst financially underprivileged children.

Furthermore, I have taken the responsibility to lead the 2013 Prom Organizers team enhancing my time management skills and gaining some experience in the field of event management.

Living and studying abroad is not an easy move, but I believe I have enough motivation and drive to succeed. My results so far in my IGCSE exams and A-Level studies has built my self-esteem, supplied me with a wide set of practical skills, broadened my horizons in many different sciences and provided me with the motivation to study Engineering.

I am confident that this would facilitate my studies and increase my ability to grasp different aspects of engineering. Moreover, I am certain that I will not face any difficulties concerning studying or communicating proficiently in English as I have been accustomed to an English-speaking environment at school.

I believe I am endowed with the initiative and the foundations of the problem solving skills that will enable me to face any academic challenges. I am passionate about Engineering and will embrace any opportunity to develop my skills and flourish in my chosen career.

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This personal statement was written by Ghallab for application in 2013.


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