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Reaching the sky has been the dream of ‘wingless’ human for centuries, fortunately I am one of those. I have dreamed of flying since kindergarten. Recently, I saw quadcopters, and I was astonished by their portability and mobility, and thought they might be one possible approach to my dream.

As far as I can remember, I used to dismantle nearly everything around me, trying to find out how things worked. As I grew up, I started to use physics principles I had learnt to try to explain the phenomenon I saw.

But gradually, I recognised just knowing the inside contents could not satisfy my strong desire of understanding the deeper mechanisms underneath. I started to seek knowledge from books, online forums and websites, which provided me a more systemic understanding of engineering. I am currently following an aeronautical engineering online course at edX and have gained a further understanding of aircraft, which has strengthened my decision to devote myself into the study of this subject.

In an international school, I was able to develop my analytical approaches, which was difficult in a traditional Chinese school. I learnt to question and explore areas of interest with an open mind. Apart from learning theories and broadening my horizons, I enjoy turning theories into practice.

In Year 11, I made a first-person view quadcopter on my own, with little prior knowledge. I gathered information and research on others’ successful cases, I chose a combination of motors, electronic speed controls and propellers.

I found several challenges such as the joining of wires and designing the circuit, but through perseverance I learnt to assemble the structure and solder circuit boards. The reward was, my drone is perfectly balanced with high overall performance. Later I upgraded the device, by adding a camera that linked to goggles to give a visual in-flight response.

My experience of remote controlled (RC) planes allowed me to be the co-founder and the leader of our school’s model club. With my team, we researched and successfully built a 3D printer, an electromagnetic cannon and various kinds of RC planes.

During my 3 years tenure as a committee member of the Students’ Union, I gradually mastered the secret of high-efficiency working: great time management, proper communication skills and strong leadership. With those ideas, I successfully organised club member recruitment events in our school twice, I was responsible for the overall administration and logistics of providing the necessary facilities.

In 2015 my team and I competed in the [Competition name]. We were successfully in being invited to their campus in New York USA to attend the Engineering Summer School and final round of the competition. The highlights were the building of Arduino-based robots, the discussion about fractals and a concrete bowling ball competition. I was also able to visit the Brookhaven National Laboratory and although I did not get the access to the core facilities, I was proud of myself for being able to understand the public exhibits on show.

I believe that a proper balance of study and personal life makes me feel more energetic, thus increase my ability to focus. After studying for a long time, my daily routine is to go to play basketball for 1 hour, which keeps me fit and releases stress.

Participating in other extra-curriculum activities such as Wing Chun martial art with my teacher not only strengthens my body, but also made me enjoy my Chinese culture. Tough exercise taught me to be patient and persevere when facing difficulties.

With my interest and enthusiasm, I will put all my effort to my study of aeronautic/aerospace engineering. A high standard education and precise researching attitude is what attracts me the most to university study. I believe studying at university will provide a great launch pad for me to really reach for the sky!

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