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Understanding and discovering how mechanical products work has always been an interest of mine. When I was younger, I would spend hours building complex structures using Lego or K-Nex which is where my passion for engineering began. At school, this passion for construction and engineering was further enhanced by mathematics and physics.

My enthusiasm for these subjects and their exciting theories is what led me to pursue a degree in engineering. A Boeing 747 with a maximum take off weight of around 400,000kg and to lift off the ground or finding out that the physics incorporated in a F1 car means that it could generate enough down force to ride upside-down, amazes me. Today's advances in technology means the products engineers will be able to achieve in the near future will be incredible.

In 2011 I carried out a week work experience at Rolls Royce, Inchinnan. I observed engineers carry out their work as they processed the new internal fan blades for the Trent 1000 engine. I was shown how the blades were processed and the precision involved.

I was given the opportunity to apply some finishing touches to these, where I had to file down the blade. I noticed that there were various sections within the factory and that it was important that everyone worked as part of the team to meet the strict delivery dates, something that I feel is strength of mine. The week here further increased my interest in aero mechanical engineering and has confirmed that mechanical engineering is the ideal career path for me.

I am a Prefect on three committees within the school: Isobel Mair, Graduation and the Library. Isobel Mair is a local school where specialist provision is given to children who require additional support.

The pupils visit our school and take part in physical education. In addition to this I helped out at the STEM Fair where a selection of Scottish universities and businesses attended. This involved encouraging younger pupils to develop a higher interest in engineering. Whilst showing them the various careers they could undertake in this field.

At university I intend on joining one of the University Air Squadrons, this would help me to obtain my PPL (Private Pilot's license). This would benefit me greatly in my ultimate future career as a pilot. After university I intend on going to a flight school where I will be able obtain my ATPL (Airline Transport Pilots License).

My involvement in football has helped me to develop skills in teamwork. As a team game it is important that every one works together which is also important for engineers, as it allows the most effective solutions to be found. I have also learned to play the piano up to grade 4, where I have achieved two distinctions a merit and a pass.

Playing the piano has helped me to improve my hand, feet and eye coordination. I am a keen golfer and have been a member of Cathcart Castle Golf club for three years where I play regularly.

I currently have a part time job at Asda. This helps develop my interpersonal skills as I work on the shop floor also I have to interact with customers, which also helps further my confidence. I am also finding about important things such as health and safety and working in a corporate culture.

In conclusion I feel I have the right desire and academic skills to complete a degree in mechanical engineering. With both mathematical and problem solving throughout the course, achieving a degree in mechanical engineering would give me the best possible chance to go and achieve my future career goals.

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This personal statement was written by Fraser08 for application in 2014.

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Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh
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The University of Strathclyde
University of Glasgow

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