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I became interested in studying Mechanical Engineering through conversations with my father about physics when I was in middle school.

Engineering intrigued me the most as I found it enthralling that the application of theoretical concepts derived from sciences can be used to solve seemingly impossible issues that would otherwise not be physically possible for humans to accomplish alone.

My appreciation for the sciences, specifically physics was further developed through reading Neil DeGrasse Tyson's "Astrophysics for people in a hurry". My fascination peaked in the 10th grade, when I put the knowledge gained from classical mechanics into practice. Simple experiments were enough to convince me a career in a physics field is what I wish to pursue.

After having completed courses in Classical Mechanics, Gravitational Physics, and Automotive Engineering offered by different online academic reinforcement websites such as and recalling actions I took as a young child out of curiosity.

These included breaking open Remote-Controlled cars to understand how they worked and having my father explain to me how radio waves emitted from the controller are received by the car then a corresponding charge is sent to the correct motor to propel the toy in the specified direction.

After this, I knew my true aspiration was to study mechanical engineering, driving me to read "To engineer is human: the role of failure in successful design" by Henry Petroski, and Donald Norman's "The design of everyday things", giving me great insight and helping me realize that successful designs can still fail due to factors not previously considered, and that designing something is a much more intricate process than I previously thought.

I try to be as multiskilled as possible, either by learning programming languages including c and matlab or playing the piano, to name a few skills I have acquired through practice and research, all helping me enhance my creativity and discipline. In the summer of 2018 I worked at a car repair shop.

Learning the process of identifying and resolving a problem. Through helping repair cars I learned traits and acquired skills, such as logic, patience, teamwork and critical thinking not just by working there but naturally through my life as a person with a mild form of myopathy.

Having spent my early life in and out of hospitals and working with a physical therapist for over 11 years, I have also come to appreciate taking on new challenges to improve myself.

Having skipped 8th grade entirely due to this, having undergone 3 intense surgeries for scoliosis, resulting in self study to pass exams has taught me how to clear my mind and take on any obstacle that comes my way. Independent study to pass the year helped me view subjects I used to see as purely academic and turn them into interests of mine, which was when I came to understand how much I love learning about science.

Researching and studying topics on my own has given me the ability to be self-motivated, an important trait to cultivate for the IB program. I have tried out experiments in my Physics HL course.

For my extended essay I tested how different variables of a copper parallel plate capacitor affect the capacitance whilst for my Internal Assessment I set out to undertake a unique experiment; to study diffraction and how the angle of the diffraction grating affects the distance between the maximums from the central maxima.

Performing these has improved my analytical and research skills as well as applying theoretical concepts in practical means.

My physical setbacks used to be a challenge in my life, a reason why I want to study in the UK. I want to gain independence and take advantage of the work opportunities there.

The opportunity to study at a deeper level what I have a passion for will help me achieve a lot in the future.

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