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From a young age I have always been interested in how things work, and would often get told off by my dad for taking things apart around the house! I feel that my strength in school lies in the more ‘male’ minded subjects such as Maths and Design Technology, and I feel that engineering is the right route for me to take.

Being part of the Engineering Education Scheme in Wales (EESW) for the past two years has reinforced my decision for wanting to become an engineer.

I enjoy using the skills I have learnt in my A-Level subjects in the EESW projects I took part in last year and am undertaking with my team this year. Last year our team worked with Axiom Manufacturing in coming up with a database that could log, task and identify problems with the company’s hardware.

When we went to the Celtic Manor for the presentation day, we were nominated for the Best Use of ICT award. This year our team is working with General Dynamics and we are coming up with a solution to a problem they have in the fields.

They need us to design an integrated GPS system that service personnel can use in the field to help them locate where they are, and also to show dangers around them.

Taking part in this scheme has been challenging and rewarding and has helped improve my teamwork and problem solving skills by working with my team for long periods of time overcoming difficulties with our briefs.

I have chosen to do the Year in Industry university course to give me an insight and to help me understand the problems that engineers face in an everyday situation. I also feel that I will mature a lot by carrying out the year in industry and it will help me cope with situations when I enter the world of engineering after gaining my degree.

I enjoy Product Design in school and for my project this year I am going to design and make a product that can introduce or help people develop their skills in netball. Earlier in my school career I took part in the Formula 1 in Schools scheme.

I found that being part of this scheme was really useful and interesting because it involved researching, designing and making model cars from balsa wood to race down a 20m track powered only by compressed CO2.

In other aspects of school, I am a maths buddy to a year 11 pupil, which involves tutoring them once a week with maths problems, to assist them in the run up to their GCSE’s in the summer.

After an interview with the Headmaster last December I was appointed Deputy Head Girl of the school, which requires me to work with the Head Boy and Girl in organising prefects around the school, and raising money for the various charities we support.

At the end of year 12 I was trained to become a Cybermentor by the charity Beat Bullying. This involves me logging onto their website and talking to people that are experiencing bullying in school to help them in what to do.

Music is also a big part of my life and I am involved in many choirs including my local county youth choir and the National Youth Choir of Wales. I really enjoy being part of these choirs and I believe they have improved my teamwork and listening skills. I am currently taking part in a school show this year which is ‘The Sound of Music’ and I have the part of one of the principal nuns.

Outside of school I volunteer with my local Guide unit as a young adult helper, and with this unit I am working towards my Adult Leader Qualification, which will mean I will be able to run unit meetings by myself. I am also a member of the Senior Section, and with them I have just completed my bronze Duke of Edinburgh and I have started work on my silver award.

I believe that I am a strong candidate because I have the initiative and problem solving skills to help me excel in university life. I am passionate about the subject and will embrace any opportunity to allow me to further my skills to improve and flourish in my chosen career.

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This personal statement was written by rhiancocker for application in 2011.

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Loughborough University
University of Portsmouth
University of Wales Swansea
University of Wales Swansea

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Red: no offer made

Product Design Engineering at University of Wales Swansea

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This personal statement enabled me to get all 5 of my offers from my chosen Universities. I am currently studying at Swansea University.


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if you are wondering why

if you are wondering why there are 2 swansea choices, its because i am also applying to mechanical engineering there, as well as product design engineering.

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