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I cannot pin my fascination of structures and engineering down to one moment. It has been a mix of experiences: my passion for knowing how and why things work, my love for problem solving and all the engineering wonders I have encountered.

These are just some of the many reasons I am drawn to Civil Engineering and hope to continue into a career in this area of expertise.

I enjoy following the progress of many engineering projects around the world, from Apple's new campus in California to The Three Gorges Dam along the river Yangtze.

These represent the kind of projects that most pique my interest; large scale structures wholly based on overcoming the issues current and future generations are beginning to tackle.

The various problems that arise in such massive projects, such as a weak river bed, and the solutions engineers come up with to combat these problems, e.g. pumping grout under high pressure into the porous rock on the river bed, provide the inspiration to work hard to become a Civil Engineer.

Due to personal circumstances, I have not had the luxury of a traditional route to university and had to show great motivation to achieve the academic results required to follow my career path. I have found self-study to be enjoyable and believe it demonstrates commitment and a willingness to work hard to reach set objectives.

Furthermore, studying A-levels in this way has improved my ability to think both theoretically and practically, allowing me to visualize tasks and problems in my head and predict possible outcomes.

An example of this is the gaming PC I helped construct completely from scratch, which required a theoretical base, hands-on ability and creative forward-thinking.

Having taken part in several engineering projects, varying from pioneering and local building restoration to construction and manufacture of components as part of a team competition, I feel I have advanced my project management skills significantly, sticking to time and cost constraints, as well as showing my ability to work within a team.

In addition to using CAD software I gained an insight into choosing materials to meet design specifications, quantity surveying and the basis of structural analysis. Restoration work highlighted how Civil Engineers are not only needed to innovate in the modern world, but also to preserve existing buildings and communities while controlling the environmental impact.

Being part of the scouting community from a young age provided me with a variety of different opportunities, such as shows and performances at a nationwide level, or leading a team in a district nighthawk, which we won. As a result, I have evolved into a confident individual, capable of leading teams to success in pressured situations as well as showing an aptitude for forward planning and solid time management.

Scouting has also presented me with the chance to partake in expeditions and volunteering through the Duke of Edinburgh award, where the level of team planning, and independent training needed to succeed was extremely high.

Working as a part-time barman for 3 years has developed my social skills allowing me to communicate easily and comfortably with many different personalities, whether this be in unfavorable circumstances or a relaxed environment. I am often required to work independently, showing initiative and confidence in my own ability to complete tasks and tackle any problems that may arise.

As an individual I am highly active, spending around 12 hours a week at the gym along with several hours playing football. I have also achieved grade 3 with the French Horn and taught myself how to play the piano.

I would describe myself as a very outgoing person who not only likes to complete tasks, but strives to get them done to the best of my ability.

I believe all the skills I have mentioned above, and many more I have not had space to cover, are what will aid me in my goal to succeed at university and advance into a career in Civil Engineering.

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