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The world is on our hands. By 2030, 9.3 billion people will walk this earth. How to meet their growing demands, as well as ensure that tomorrow’s environment is kept intact, has been a critical issue for decades.

This spark ignited my passion for Chemical Engineering. It is a subject that keeps pushing the frontiers of science and technology to new heights. From nylon to bio-mimetic clothes, from potato chips to microchips, there are infinite possibilities to where Chemical Engineering can lead you.

I want to learn the ingenuity of manipulating complex chemical processes, which only chemical engineers have mastered. I seek to utilise the monumental science of Chemistry and Mathematics to answer vaster ranges of problems. My utmost aim is to conceive, design and implement a project that would allow me the fortuity to leave my mark on society for the greater good.

Of course every answer cannot be derived from a book, it takes great endurance to test every idea to obtain an appropriate conclusion. Yet there can be no greater exhilaration that can match the feeling of fulfilment while observing your idea assisting the lives of many others.

Examining economical factors, cleaning up the chaos of our past and searching for ways that does not squander our future, to realise that the destiny of this earth is interlinked with my passion hold great reverence in me.

I believe Mathematics is an art; it takes as much practice to master as one does to learn how to paint or play the piano. Not only has this subject sharpened my analytical skills, but has taught me to approach problems systematically.

Chemistry is a meticulous subject that requires the most diligent and observant of approaches. It is a subject that builds your tenacity if you pursue every experiment to its absolute completion. It has educated me in persistence and determination. The latter of the two skills played a key part in the success of obtaining my grade 8 in piano.

Physics allowed me to put theory into practice, helping me to become more methodical. Economics is not a subject I studied professionally, however its ability to take complex problems found in real life and turn it into a simple model which can be easily solved has always fascinated me.

It's ideas and theories which may appear to be the extremes of accidental randomness have somehow become tangible to a global system which runs on concrete and rational concepts. As sure as every fire has its fuel, mine burns on books such as ‘Freakonomics’, ‘When Genius Failed’, ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and countless others.

Apart from being a Maths and Science prefect in school, I help run Physical Recreation by teaching football and basketball every week. Studying in 3 different continents has provided me both cultural and linguistic understanding and awareness. Juggling many activities has polished myself discipline, time management and organisational skills.

Playing for Bracknell Town Ladies F.C has given me communicational skills and humility. In a team, the correct amount of confidence stands between success and failure. I am the youngest team member yet the first choice penalty taker. I lead by example and am not afraid to take responsibility. Perfection is my motto and hard work is my style.

The ability to provide scarce resources to all in society is a defining characteristic of a chemical engineer that I long to acquire. Being a character of high ambitions, I want to attain the ability to commute from conceptual reasoning to concrete applications. Although I have a long way to go, I know I can meet this challenge.

The future of this Earth is being decided now, and Chemical Engineering opens my path to contribute to this momentous decision. It is a discipline that lets you aspire today to inspire tomorrow.

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This personal statement was written by shalpal for application in 2008.

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It did me the job of getting the interviews everywhere I applied (including the prestigious Trinity College, Cambridge - got pooled in the end and then rejected).


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Wow this is truly amazing!!

Wow this is truly amazing!! This just makes me want to work harder all the time in everything I do. Thanks for sharing studential :)

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