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According to S.R. Covey, in his book 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People', one of the key traits to accomplish any task is to begin with the end in mind and work accordingly to achieve it.

Many students inherently practice this from childhood till the actual time of choosing field arrives. Whereas a multitude of disciplines were discussed by my friends as their dreams, mine was just being, irrespective of field, at the top; hence my field was to be the one that I would be best at.

As the years passed, I performed consistently well in mathematics and developed a lot of interest in it. But one thing that pinched me the most was 'Why am I doing this? What's the use of trigonometry, vectors, matrices etc?'

Gradually, by every passing year, the interdependency of science and mathematics became evident; I discovered the extensive usage of mathematics in physics; the simple usage of dot product and cross product in physics formulae and of elementary row operations on matrices in solving complex electric circuits etc.

As a result, the mysteries that I used to mull over started to unfold and the application of what seemed useless in the past became vivid.

Gradually I started loving physics in general and electricity and magnetism in particular. Observing the extreme utility of electronics everywhere and seeing it as the widest based and ever growing field, I have chosen electrical engineering as my discipline for undergraduate studies.

My deep interest and fascination for this field led me to acquire some basic knowledge about logic circuits and their applications; this ultimately won me prizes in science exhibitions and competitions based on projects like infra red burglar alarm, light dependent circuit for automatic switching of lights where necessary to save power, a prototype of a wind turbine and a fun game based on an electronically operated water gun with sound sensors which laid heavy suppressive fire on anyone who was too loud!

The immense thirst for this field made me deeply sincere towards my academic life which consequently resulted in my worth mentioning success. I scored 'A' grade in 11 GCE O-Level subjects which included a world top in mathematics.

I was awarded two gold medals in my O-Level graduation ceremony for student of the year and best leaving student.

Moreover, I have successfully made it to the top seventeen of the National Physics Talent Contest (NPTC) and will compete further for a place in top five in order to be a member of the national team which will represent Pakistan in the 39th IPhO to be held in Vietnam.

Furthermore, I was awarded with fifty thousand rupees cash prize from General Pervaiz Musharraf, the president of Pakistan, in a ceremony held in the presidency in July 2007 to acknowledge the achievement of world toppers in GCE O and A-level examinations from all over Pakistan.

In my leisure time I have always preferred playing sports; my favourites being cricket and table-tennis.

I have actively participated in every sporting events held on and off campus. I have also been involved in social work which includes serving CARE (a social welfare organization), collecting donations for the victims of the devastating earthquake of 8th October, 2005. I was also a member of the World Wide Walden project.

As for my future, I definitely don't want to limit my education to a mere bachelors; instead I want to continue my education till a doctorate degree and make some valuable and unique contribution to my field. The aims which I have can only be fulfilled in an environment which is friendly, research oriented and is conducive to my aims.

All universities in UK in particular have a culture with these traits. Having been taught all subjects in English has given me command over the language which will eliminate any chances of communication hurdles.

Therefore, UK is my prime priority for Undergraduate as well as any higher degree in my course of studies.

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