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My fascination with functioning mechanisms and their movement began at a very young age.

As a child, I spent a large portion of my free time meticulously taking apart and putting back together my Lego vehicle kit, intrigued by how different combinations of simple building blocks could create such intricate and complex models.

However, much to my disappointment, they always required the direct input of my own energy for them to operate. This obsession with building moving structures remained with me throughout my education; with every passing year increasing my knowledge in both math and physics, whilst continuously driving my passion to understanding engineering.

I have always been deeply interested in both maths and physics; the two core foundations for modern day engineering. I am grateful to have had incredible teachers for both of these subjects throughout my years at school, as their passion has passed down to me.

Physics has always been the subject I am most confident in, whilst maths; after solving a challenging problem, has been the most rewarding.

However, the areas that overlap, such as kinematics and mechanics, are the ones that I have consistently enjoyed and excelled at. In addition to these core subjects, my firm understanding of chemistry has allowed me to make sense of the scientific theory and how it applies to the real, practical world.

Furthermore, my interest in history has developed and refined my analytical techniques. History has taught me to argue my own perspective and to not necessarily accept everything that I have been given, but to
continuously challenge and question it instead.

However, I believe that it is equally important that the modern engineer does not only excel academically, but in other personal qualities as well.

Leadership is a trait which I have always possessed; being made both Deputy House Captain and Events Manager in school during my A-Levels has allowed me to hone this skill.

Additionally, playing the guitar for over 8 years and performing in numerous concerts has taught me perseverance, self-expression and has ingrained in me a driving sense to accomplish what I am passionate about.

Furthermore, the time I spent trekking through the Borneo rainforest whilst undergoing my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award has not only allowed me to develop skills in both teamwork and communication, but to experience a sense of camaraderie; one that I see as vital to accomplishing the task at hand, and therefore, one that I wish to emulate between my peers in both university and in my future.

Despite English being my first language as well as the language of instruction throughout my entire academic life, growing up in Brunei has given me a fond appreciation for the native tongue.

My proficiency in Malay has allowed me to receive an A in my IGCSE's and has built on my confidence and self esteem.

Certainly this language proved useful during my part time job in a local photography shop, where some of the customers had difficulties in speaking English.

Operating in a business environment, and being able to learn through seeing and physically doing whilst in the shop has provided me an invaluable educational experience.

As I have been in an international school since kindergarten, constantly being surrounded by people - both teachers and students alike - from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, is something
I am very much used to.

Being able to study and grow up in this environment has broadened my horizons and allowed me to progress and develop my skills whilst working in a team.

It is my ambition to earn an undergraduate degree from your university as a stepping stone to a successful career in Mechanical Engineering, I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of me.

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I think i'm pretty happy about my PS, i spent quite some time on it and it got me into all 5 of my choice universities (including one that was above my predicted grades).

- University of Bath (A*AA)
- University of Edinburgh (AAA)
- University of Exeter (AAB)
- Herriot-Watt University (BBB)
- Queens University Belfast (BBC)

As of uploading this essay, I have yet to sit my final A-levels, but I'm settled on Exeter (firm) and Belfast (insurance) as I have very little confidence in myself in being able to meet Bath's requirements!

For those preparing to apply, I really recommend starting this thing early; even if it is just bullet pointing what you like and any ideas you have.

Thanks guys and good luck with all your applications!
Izad, 12/2/2017


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