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Gaining my helicopter pilots licence before the age of 17 has been one of the greatest highlights and achievements of my life. If learning to fly has taught me one thing, it is never to put off a challenge.

With regard to my university application, it is not only the academic rigour that draws me to my chosen courses, but the opportunity to embrace student life and come away with the best possible prospects as a fledgling engineer.

There is no doubt that for me aviation is addictive and, unfortunately for my bank balance, I was bitten by the bug from early childhood. It plays a huge role in my life and my academic focus has been driven specifically
towards securing a professional role in the aviation engineering industry, mainly in the fields of avionics and the mechanical design and maintenance of aircraft.

These interests have been fostered by an avionics maintenance engineer and aircraft maintenance engineer, both of whom I meet on a regular basis at Newcastle Airport, where I have worked for over a year.

We discuss the problems with the equipment or aircraft, brainstorming improvements and solutions to the problems in hand, such as GPS faults. I find the work they complete and the science behind the operation of the equipment fascinating.

This has encouraged me to read an array of books on the subjects, such as, A C Kermode's The Mechanics of Flight and Hughes' Electrical Engineering. Such hands-on experience and wider reading have inspired me to find work experience with Newcastle Aviation Academy, which I hope to complete during Christmas 2007.

During the AS year, I found that I enjoyed Mechanics more than any other subject. It was this experience that prompted my decision to take the difficult route to study the Further Mathematics A level, completing 8 modules during the A Level year.

I will exploit this momentum in my gap year by completing my commercial pilot training, gaining more work experience in the aviation field and finding time to further develop my French and Spanish skills; my intention is to complete an undergraduate placement in either a Francophone or Spanish-speaking country.

For many years, I was a regular face in the school's rugby team, practising twice a week. This taught me how to motivate myself and others, in order to win a match. Presently I am working towards my black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and I cycle over 40 miles per week with the aim of running in the Great North Run next year for charity.

Although sport takes time out of my busy academic life, I always find time for physical activity, as healthy living is imperative.

I am involved in voluntary work which currently totals some 6 hours per week. It has given me the opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills and self confidence by engaging in the wider community.

My work as an assistant child carer at the Sure Start programme in a disadvantaged area of Newcastle is having real benefits for the children and we are dismantling barriers between the diverse ethnic populations.

My other role as of a teacher of computer skills to the elderly at my local community centre is especially gratifying as I see the group benefiting from the sessions we have together and acquiring important skills. It has made me reflect on the ways in which people learn and helped me to reconsider my own learning approach.

I have no doubt that I will give to and take a huge amount from the university courses for which I am applying. I look forward to four years of hard and rewarding study.

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1. Manchester / Aerospace, Accepted, AAB
2. Liverpool / Avionics, Accepted, AAB RESERVE CHOICE
3. Liverpool /Aerospace, Accepted, AAB
4. Imperial / Aeronautical, Rejected
5. Bristol / Avionics, Accepted, AAB (Now studying) FIRM
6. Bristol / Aerospace, Rejected (Interchangeable with Avionics)


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HPPL thats pretty epic!

HPPL thats pretty epic!


dude this is the best PS i have seen so far on this site, n i'v gone through loads its full of useful experience relating to your engineering course and other stuff too.. i read every letter in your statement as i was captivated from the very first sentence, dunno what else i can say kudos

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