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It is my ambition to work in the engineering industry and gain ‘Chartered Engineer’ status. Maths and science have always been my favourite subjects and during my GSCE’s physics was something that sparked my interest and has continued to engage me ever since.

While completing my AS courses in Physics and Maths I particularly enjoyed the mechanics units as they allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge to real life situations which I found fascinating and gave me an appreciation for the way engineers have to think.

My specific interest in mechanical engineering began when I started researching basic engineering principles for a physics project several years ago.

One of the first areas I researched was the fundamental idea behind differential steering. I was inspired to learn more about mechanical engineering by the two TBM’s (Tunnel Boring Machines) that were used to bore a section of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. My interest in learning about these machines and principles was the initial reason I decided that mechanical engineering is the course I want to pursue.

As well as being interested in modern mechanical engineering I was curious about the origins of the subject so I read a book titled 'The Age of Steam, the power that drove the industrial revolution'. this provided me with a great insight in to the lives, motives and inventions of engineers and inventors such as James Watt, Robert Stephenson and Isambard Brunel.

Studying ICT at A-Level has allowed me to develop my ability of coping with and adapting to using many different kinds of software to complete large projects. This is important as I know that using complex software such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design systems and complete projects is essential in the modern engineering industry.

The courses I am applying for include an industrial placement after the second year. I believe this will be an invaluable opportunity to put into practice what I have learned during the first two years and gain some experience of what it's really like to work in industry. As well as this, I believe that it will give me a head start once I begin to negotiate through the competitive job market.

Having viewed the modules that are taught during the course, I believe that I will find fluid dynamics the most interesting area. This is because I have learnt a lot about how different forces effect solid objects that do not change shape. I believe it will be highly exciting to learn how these different forces affect both liquids and gasses.

So far, throughout my study in Sixth-Form, I have had ample chance to develop my teamwork skills. This has mainly occurred through my physics course when I have been regularly placed in a group with other members of sixth form and have to conduct research into a certain topic.

As a team we then had to report back our findings in the form of a presentation. I believe learning effective teamwork skills is crucial because engineers from different disciplines often have to work together. For example, the courses I have applied for include a final year project which will require some collaboration.

I think I would be well-suited to student life as I have a range of hobbies. These include reading, cycling and playing the electric and bass guitar, both of which I have achieved a grade 4 in.

I also enjoy watching engineering-related programmes on television such as ‘Mythbusters’, ‘How its made' and 'Massive Machines'. I am also subscribed to several maths and science related channels on Youtube such as 'numberphile', 'vsauce', 'engineerguyvideo's' and 'Smarter Every Day'.

Although I am determined to complete a degree in mechanical engineering, I do not feel I can make any final decisions regarding my career yet. However, the courses I have chosen allow me a flexible path in a very wide field and I hope that my future career will be challenging, stimulating and highly rewarding.

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This personal statement was written by Omz for application in 2013.

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To be honest I don't think it's a great PS, had to do a lot of cutting down ... on the bright side I've got 3 offers so far so it cant be too bad :D


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