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I have been interested in engineering from an early age, since I helped my Grandad install domestic mains drainage at the age of three!

Since then, I have developed my interest and understanding of the field, and would like to read Engineering at university. I am taking four 'A' levels, as well as additional Mechanics Maths modules to give grounding in the maths required for engineering.

I was a member of one of the three regional winning teams in the 2002 Engineering Education Scheme (EES). Our team of four students worked with an employee of Corus plc. to solve a real-life engineering problem. Our brief was to design a system to autonomously detect and remove the crossweld from cold rolled steel tubing, once these had ended their purpose of keeping the flow production of the steel tube continuous.

The solution that we chose was to use digital image processing. A digital camera with a screened lens showing only a few lines of pixels was placed above the moving tube, along with a coloured light.

As the crossweld passed the camera, the movement of the shadow behind the weld (caused by the coloured light) triggered an output from motion detection software linked to the camera. This output triggered flying saws that removed the weld. My participation in the EES scheme has provided me with a broader insight into industrial engineering

I am interested in sustainable or 'green' engineering design, and would like to pursue a career in this field of work. I am particularly interested in sustainable construction practices, for example making use of renewable energy sources within new buildings to minimise the environmental impact of such developments.

I am a member of the Association for Environmentally Conscious Building (AECB), and have read several books on the subject including Victor Papanek's 'The Green Imperative'

I have gained valuable experience in sustainable engineering, by work shadowing the Managing Director of a company designing and producing refrigeration systems. These have relatively low environmental impacts, by using more energy efficient machines and refrigerants, which do not contribute to the ozone hole.

This work shadowing at Environmental Process Systems Ltd, (as well as the EES scheme) has given me a valuable insight into engineering in the world of industry

Since September 20011 have had a part time job (eight hours per week) as a laboratory technician at school, repairing physics equipment, designing and building new apparatus and storage boxes, as well as ordering new components. I have had little close supervision, and I am largely expected to work from my own initiative.

The job has provided useful knowledge of various electronic components. I am interested in electronics, and would like to develop my understanding of electronic circuitry

Before starting a higher education degree course at university, I would like to take a gap year. In this time, I would like to take part in the Year In Industry scheme, and I have applied for a placement. I hope to join a company such as the Environment Agency for the year

This would give me more work experience in engineering. I have also contacted The Centre for Alternative Technology, and the Intermediate Technology Development Group for gap year opportunities

My other interests include playing music, and taking part in dramatic productions, contributing as a musician, or a stage technician. I have had a major role in establishing sound and lighting systems, as well as the responsibility of operating these during at least 10 school and local community productions.

This has provided useful knowledge of the control of stage electrics and optics, as well as developing team-working skills. Another responsibility I have is head chorister for our local youth church choir.

Recently, I have passed the 'Royal School for Church Music' Deans Award. I also enjoy sailing and kayaking as well as walking, cycling, natural history and carpentry.

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