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For as long as I can remember, aircraft have always been a primary interest of mine. Being a typical young boy my early interests and aspirations were to become a fighter pilot or an astronaut.

However, as I grew older and my eyes were opened to the wonders of physics, my interests were turned to the engineering behind the machines themselves, from the 11 ton Eurofighter Typhoon to the 2000 ton Space shuttle.

I loved the way small plates of metal could be moved mechanically very short distances to cause a jet travelling faster than sound itself to barrel roll spectacularly.

It also astonishes me how far we have come from the 17th December 1903, when Orville Wright performed the first powered flight to July 20th 1969.

Just 66 years later, we had taken one of our aircraft all the way to the moon and back. I believe that engineering holds the key to the future, from skyscrapers to bridges, from cars to spacecraft, from chemicals to the stars themselves.

As I matured into a young man I became more astounded each day as the wonders of physics and mathematics never failed to utterly amaze me as they endlessly intertwined, forming the day to day world in which we live. Through Physics, we find new answers. Physics had always been my greatest subject and interest.

As a subject it has never failed to answer the questions I was asking at the time, it also allowed me to ask more complex questions about the way our world works. Winning the Physics prize at higher level is one of my greatest academic achievements.

The qualities that I would look for in an engineer would be that he was a logical thinker with high self-motivation, who can communicate his ideas well; he would invent creative solutions to his problems and be able to describe and apply them in a very precise way.

He would have a very analytical mindset and always be looking for new challenges. As this is my idea of a good engineer, it is what I strive to be. My school career has not only developed my academic skill but has also helped me develop my life skills.

I am a prefect in my school which has enhanced my team working skills. I enjoy working as part of a team, but in my past experiences, my enthusiasm and will to succeed have often lead to me taking the lead role in groups.

Independently, I am still able to work to the best of my ability as I have drive and determination to be the best I can possibly be. This has been shown in my English result. Where I improved from a D grade at Christmas to a B in the final exam.

Throughout my school career I believe I have displayed the qualities that show that I am logical thinker who is dedicated to any task given, especially tasks where others have deemed them 'too hard' or 'too ambitious'. I am a person who likes a challenge; this has helped me develop my problem solving skills.

Out of school, I pursue other interests. I have a passion for cycling and all aspects of this sport appeal to me. The pure simplicity of the most efficient vehicle on this planet never fails to amaze me. I believe cycling not only has developed my character and improved my health but also developed my mind.

Aside from cycling, I also play 1st cornet in my town band. It is a very social hobby where I often have to mix with the audience. I believe this too has developed my personality, improving my confidence and dedication to learning. In summary, I believe I am a logical thinker who is dedicated, driven and highly motivated.

I am a good problem solver and due to my good communication skills, a natural leader. I can work with others and I am not afraid to share my opinions and ideas, however I am able to reach a suitable compromise. I am not afraid of a challenge and will work to the best of my ability at any task, going above and beyond the requirements if I can.

I have a passion for improving myself and for improving the world in which we live. For these reasons; I think I am suited to this course and will aim to play a full part in university life.

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This personal statement was written by Robert Fisher for application in 2011.

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University of Glasgow
The University of Strathclyde

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Robert Fisher's Comments

At first I found it difficult to talk about myself, but before I knew it I had far too many ideas! I was very happy with my statement but then I had to chop 1,500 characters out of it, this is what was left. I'm not so happy with it now, but I believe it does me justice.


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