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My decision to study engineering stems from a desire to contribute to the evolution of society through a process that does not just define our environment but our era.

My personal inspiration is the Segovia aqueduct, an 800m long, 30 metre high Roman marvel which still stands today. It was made without mortar from mathematically placed granite blocks and was used to transport water for over 1800 years.

This pays testament to the vision and legacy of pioneering civil engineers who pushed the boundaries of physical possibility, advancing infrastructure and allowing social and economic development for generations.

Modern day structures would seem impossible to Roman engineers, posing the intriguing question of what we will achieve in the future, and how much of this is perceived as impossible today. I am particularly attracted to this course because it provides a multidisciplinary approach coupled with practical work and substantial research projects.

I have always been interested in engineering. As a young child I never failed to build the biggest dam on the beach or push my electric train track to its limits. To decide on which aspect I have undertaken comprehensive work experience.

This has ranged from spending two weeks at Lotus Cars helping to design a new electrical locking mechanism, to time at Imperial College helping to create a novel algorithm and device for injecting insulin into diabetics.

I worked at Petrofac shadowing process and civil engineers learning how theoretical Chemistry and Physics can be applied to the challenge of maintaining oil rigs and pipelines.

While at BuroHappold I saw engineers collaborating with architects and clients to solve certain problems with the design of the London Olympic Aquatics Centre, which confirmed my view that civil engineering was for me. I have arranged a further placement at Mott Macdonald in October where I will shadow a civil engineer in water management.

My profound interest in engineering is fuelled by the prospect of combining Maths, Science and creativity to translate abstract ideas into a physical reality.

To keep at the forefront of civil engineering, I subscribe to ‘New Civil Engineer’ and read ‘Feel The Momentum’. These articles have shown me impressive solutions to complex challenges, each with an emphasis on sustainability, management and a drive to reduce environmental impacts, three vital aspects of civil engineering.

In Maths, I have enjoyed the mechanics module as I like applying theoretical knowledge to real life situations in which solutions are not immediately obvious.

At the end of Year 11 I won the Maths, Physics and French prizes, motivating me to improve these areas further.

To pursue this I have become a Maths Leader, a role which involves helping AS and GCSE students along with assisting in lessons. I love seeing the progress that the students make, and knowing that I can share my enjoyment of the subject with someone else.

My ambition and motivation is not limited to my academic studies. I enjoy playing the piano and have achieved Grade 5. I will continue to develop my leadership and team work skills through completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award this year. Sport has always played a prominent role in my life.

I captained the school rugby team, and until 16 I played for Norfolk. Competing in endurance sport has taught me to persevere when faced with challenges.

I row and run at a national level, my greatest achievement has been reaching the English Schools Cross Country final three consecutive times as the fastest in Norfolk. To maintain this level of achievement I train four times a week, demanding good time management to balance training with academic work.

Determined to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, I am confident that a course in civil engineering will allow me to fulfil my aspirations, in the hope that one day I will have the knowledge to emulate the work of the Romans, leaving a legacy that will enhance lives for generations.

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Not sure if it comes across personal to me enough.
And i couldn't fit everything i had done in, some work experience had to be cut out.
UCAS's character limit is too short.


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