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When I see planes take off, how its wings create enough lift to remain airborne and defy gravitational force that has the strength to keep the entire universe together really fascinates me.

The science, research and sometimes mystery associated with aerospace have been something that has both fascinated and aroused my interest in this field. Keeping up with various innovations while at the same time looking forward to better and advanced discoveries in the world of engineering is something I would fully embrace.

This interest has been enhanced by my love for math and physics which I currently study at A Levels. I particularly love the mechanics units because they can be applied to a number of real life situations.

Several aspects have contributed to my final decision to study engineering but my biggest inspiration is by Burt Rutan who, despite the limited research in aeronautical engineering managed to design the first plane which could fly non-stop around the world.

Also, the realisation that the galaxy largely remains unexplored is one of the key reasons that I want to pursue aeronautical/ aerospace engineering.

In 2015 I had a chance to work with a firm called Sound Creation which specializes in selling sound equipment. I learnt how basic physics principle of electromagnetism is applied in speakers. I also shadowed a sales representative where I observed how he used his persuasive skills to sell the products.

I learnt that teamwork, commitment and proper planning are essential life skills. I’ve also been to Hindon Air Force Station in Ghaziabad, India, one of the largest air bases in the world, where my interest was sustained by the wide spectrum of engineering possibilities in the military.

Looking back I realize that my interest in engineering began in high school. The ultimate desire to pursue a career in this field was my driving force that led to my exemplar performance with an A in Math and A* in Physics. At AS level my interest did not waver and I scored A in math and B in physics.

At AS level I did economics which helps me acquire better understanding about engineering in relation to the corporate dynamics.

I have done a lot of research on how commercial jets operate and one persistent problem I would love to solve is coming up with innovative environmental friendly solutions to control jet fuel consumption.

A Boeing 747 burns 4 liters of fuel every second and hence on a 10 hour flight it would burn 136,275 liters of fuel. Using such large amounts of non-renewable resources has adverse effects on the environment.

I keep myself updated with the latest engineering articles and scientific news by reading the Verge, an international news network that covers the intersection of technology and science. Recently I was fascinated by the discovery of the 4th gravitational wave.

In school I have participated in several co-curricular activities that have shaped my engineering path. I have participated in several art competitions which has developed my creativity, a key requirement in the engineering world.

I have demonstrated good leadership qualities especially when I lead my teammates to victory in the Nyanza Badminton Tournament in 2015. I also took part in a charity event recently which involved raising funds for treatment of the blind. All these activities have helped me build my self-esteem and confidence.

I choose to study in the UK for my higher education because of its traditional excellence in education. A qualification from the U.K. is internationally recognized and very competitive increasing my chances of getting a job in an industry that I am so passionate about.

Also, the UK being a multicultural society will give me an opportunity to interact and share with other international students who have the same ambition. After my studies, I will come back to Kenya and initiate development by working closely with the government and private aviation organisations.

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