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Applying engineering techniques to everyday life is a fascinating, absorbing and rewarding endeavour with many potential benefits for technological progression.

My interest has flourished since taking part in an electronics course where I had to design, etch, and solder my own PCB starting from scratch.

I designed my own circuit board including the housing for a hot water alarm and was amazed by the fact that these components together could become such a sophisticated device.

My curiosity grew after I understood the basic concepts behind engineering and I long for more; I want to be at the forefront of an ever developing, fast-paced industry where technology evolves every day, I want to design and invent and watch my ideas being implemented just like I watched my models come together at a young age.

Theodore Von Karman said, ‘Scientists discover the world that already is, engineers build the world that never was’, and after reading Karman’s accomplishments in supersonic flow characteristics, I have finally found the career I want to pursue; to be chartered as a performance test engineer.

I want to break the barriers of established engineering concepts and bring the future to the present. That is why my interests turn to Mechanical Engineering.

Studying Physics at A2 has enabled me to understand the laws that govern every engineering concept, such as forces like Newton’s Second Law, producing horsepower and torque in an engine of a car.

Physics has enabled me to understand the concept of streamlined designs when constructing vehicles such as motorsport cars.

I discovered that every detail of the shape of the car would have to be exact to achieve the best performance; spoilers, for instance increase downward force on the cars and enable greater drag to give more stability.

Mathematics and Further Maths have allowed me to study mechanics modules of M1 and M2 which has enabled me to think broader in terms of factors which influence bodies such as drag and turbulence, like on an aircraft.

I have gained an insight into the complex programming side of engineering as a sound mathematical knowledge is required for programming and software such as MatLab.

Work experience, I believe, is absolutely essential in order to gain first hand understanding of how the industry works. I have gained work experience in a BMW specialist garage where customers would bring in their cars if they suffered from mechanical failure.

There I learnt how to deal with customers and work as part of a team; I even had the opportunity to go under the bonnet as well as gaining some hands on experience, from restoring pre-1940 cars to applying body kits and modifying a car to the customer’s taste.

By working with a mechanic, I was able to re-spray and weld together panels and I also assisted in the installation of a cylinder block and replacing the cylinder head to form the combustion chamber.

I believe that teamwork, problem solving and strategic allocation of resources bring out the best possible outcomes and leadership skills and organisation are prime examples.

One experience where I have honed my teamwork skills is volunteering in the British Heart Foundation where I was placed in a team to transport furniture from warehouses.

Good organisation and teamwork were key in completing tasks as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Another example of leadership would be having the honour of being my form representative, where I am responsible for ensuring the faculty is aware of issues that concern students and I liaise while representing the voice of my peers.

After the completion of my degree I hope to apply both my academic and extra-curricular experience to achieve my dream of becoming a performance test engineer.

Being inspired by the greatest physicists and engineers, such as Theodore von Karman, Isaac Newton and George Stephenson, I would like to expand on all horizons by increasing my skill set and ultimately leaving my own mark on the engineering world.

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Applying engineering techniques to everyday life is a fascinating, absorbing and rewarding endeavour with many potential benefits for technological progression.


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