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I enjoy science because it personally interests me and can be applied and made useful in everyday life. At university I hope to study chemical engineering because I am good at chemistry and maths and would like to apply them to a practical course that is challenging yet rewarding.

I have good communication skills and enjoy solving problems using precise, logical methods and would like to study a course that involves and builds on these.

During the summer break I attended a Science, Engineering and Technology week and participated in groups in various workshops held by twelve different science and engineering disciplines (including Chemical, Civil & Physics). This allowed me to see the aspects of each and I decided that I wished to pursue a career in engineering using the application of science.

I subsequently contacted a number of different engineers to talk to them about their occupations in industry and found that chemical engineering best suited my personality and interests. In order to gain a practical insight into my chosen career path I am currently arranging work experience in a nearby oil and gas company and hope to observe what it is like to be an engineer with real responsibilities.

I would like to study a degree that leads to a fulfilling and successful career. For that reason I am also particularly looking forward to expanding my knowledge in business, I.T. and leadership in addition to the chemical engineering aspects of the course. I aim to become capable of taking my knowledge and competence into the workplace and serving as part of a multidisciplinary team of engineers in order to productively and economically complete projects.

I am driven by always doing the best I can and have received great feedback about my enthusiastic style, participation and for being proactive. I was nominated by my peers and staff to be a sixth year house captain and work alongside five others, largely to help younger pupils and set a good example.

This opportunity highlights that I am viewed as being responsible and has taught me how to resolve challenging situations. Other examples of my motivation to succeed include my fifth year exam results. I gained five A's at band one and received four prizes for marks leading to me being awarded Senior Dux.

At school I spend time on a weekly basis learning basic British Sign Language and hope to further my learning in this new language through Linlithgow Academy's links with Donaldson's school for the deaf. Outside school I hold a part time job at John Lewis which involves me upholding the company's excellent customer service values and requires me to be highly organised and hard working.

In my leisure time I enjoy running and regularly compete in 10K races, testing my determination and continually trying to improve my race times. However I prefer playing team sports such as football as I do enjoy being a team player. Over the past five years I have taught myself how to play guitar and bass guitar in my spare time as I find this useful in helping me to relax.

My overall goal is to achieve Chartered Status and a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering is my first stage in enabling me to combine all my attributes, strengths & career ambitions. The high standards expected in chemical engineering fit my personal motivation and love of achievement.

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