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It is exciting to discover the fundamental properties of the world that we are living in, and to reveal the internal structure of the appliances that we are using everyday. Being interested in the fundamental nature of matter, I enjoy viewing things from its smallest units, and hence to develop a complete picture of those things.

I began to study science when I was in primary school. I found Physics and Chemistry particularly interesting, because they were mostly related to the fundamentals of this world. Physics especially amazed me, since it summarises the world and the complicated phenomena by simple and comprehensive equations and formulae.

While I was studying at primary school in Hong Kong (I came to the UK about one year ago), my enthusiasm for science and technology started to grow. I tried to open a scientific calculator with a screwdriver, and looked at the structure inside.

I had no idea about how the whole system worked of course, but I was fascinated by how the graphite-like substance on the little piece of transparent plastic did the difficult calculations in an instant.

After I entered secondary school, I managed to open and examine electronic devices such as TV game consoles and my friends' mobile phones, with their permissions, of course, and I could roughly work out the mechanism of the systems.

To be able to study science subjects and complete coursework at university, logical problem solving techniques and good data managing skills are crucial. I like playing story-based TV games with a large portion of puzzle-solving elements, and they in fact influence my logical mind significantly.

This is indeed the most efficient way to develop my problem solving skills, as I find it satisfying when the method for entering a new stage is deduced after collecting separate pieces of necessary information. On the other hand, the story part of the games inspires my creativity as well.

In addition, I enjoy doing IQ tests found on the internet, which enable me to improve my speed of thinking. Also, I did a Pascal programming course from form3 to form5 at secondary school in Hong Kong, and this gave me the sense of how to solve computer problems.

In 2005, after I came to the UK, I received a Silver Certificate and the Certificate for Best in School from the UK Senior Mathematical Challenge. The school had allowed us only one hour to finish the paper (it was supposed to be a 1.5-hour long paper).

Being a member of the orchestra in my secondary school in Hong Kong, I realised the importance of teamwork. A community can be formed only when the members are doing their job and co-operating well. When I was in form 3, I was chosen by other members to be the manager of the music scores, and a year later, I became the treasurer of the band.

My work involved using a word processor and spreadsheet, which gave me the ability to manage a rather large amount of data.

I love studying new technologies, because inventions improve the world. Technologies involving microscopic views and electronic elements are increasingly popular nowadays, and their diversity of use will become even more important in the future.

I wish I could have the ability to improve the world. Therefore, I am looking forward to studying subjects of this kind at university, rather than treating it only as a hobby.

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This personal statement was written by plumbless for application in 2007.

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I received offers from all the Uni I've applied, including Imperial College, Bristol, Warwick, York and Southampton. It is also suitable for those who applied for Nanotechnology. Hope you'll enjoy it~


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Why the headings?


i like ur personal statement bt why are there headings??


I think this is a fab personal statment, the headings make it stand out from others I have read.
Plumbless, if you get this and you don't mind me asking:
1) Are you a he or a she (only asking coz I'm a girl doing a EEE apprenticship)
2) how was/is the course

Well i am also accepted

Well i am also accepted unconditionally now after acheiving straight As by Imperail College London.Boy tell me sum way to get into OxBridge! didn't u applied to oxford? any1 who can think of applying to imperial applies to oxbridge!


its kinna cool i like it..the layout hehe its different in a nice way...=]

ending is amazing!!!

ending is amazing!!!

An Inquiry??

Can anyone help me??Does Edinburgh university good place to study electronic engineering??

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