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It was a recent trip to Pakistan which led me towards Civil Engineering. Whilst travelling, the sheer difference between the infrastructure seen in the UK and Pakistan was shocking.

From the general quality of large-scale construction to the lack of sustainable wastewater treatment methods, I began to understand how civil engineering is at the forefront of literally building a country. Through this experience, I began to appreciate what a significant change Civil Engineers bring to the world. I want to be a part of that.

I became captivated by Civil Engineering, by how the amalgamation of Maths and Physics has solved so many problems, and it has excited me to the extent that I began reading about engineering principles in my spare time.

Gaining this knowledge fed my hunger to know how things worked, ultimately leaving me wanting to study more. One Khan Academy article about buoyant force really sparked my interest.

Something as simple as knowing 'why fluids apply an upwards force on inundated objects' not only provided me with answers but opened my eyes to how exploring fluids could have several applications in the world around us.

I decided to speak to a few Civil Engineers to gain more insight into the career. This led me to applying for a placement with a top engineering firm 'Arup'. One particular project which truly motivated me to pursue a career in the field was the designing of a highway in Wales.

Considering not only the design speed but also the camber required to help vehicles around a bend safely, I realized how without engineering even the simplest things would not be possible.

Working on a real-life problem as a team was exhilarating. During the week, we conducted numerous presentations and Q&A sessions in which the importance of developing leadership and communication skills for life as an Engineer was emphasised.

The significance of these skills is something which I also noticed when attending a 'Women in Engineering Day' at Aston University.

I had always wanted a career which would help people, so I spontaneously picked my A-Level subjects based on pursuing a career in healthcare. Regretting this decision, I have taken a gap year to solidify my choice in Engineering as well as completing my A-Levels.

Taking Biology as an A-Level has made me appreciate the environment immensely, provoking thought on how to maintain sustainability. Chemistry has given a greater insight into properties of materials and their functions, and ICT has given me a profusion of experience with a range of software.

However, no subject has exceeded the satisfaction Mathematics gives me when solving an equation. I decided to tutor pupils in the subject, allowing me to practise something I love, whilst aiding me in financing a trip to volunteer abroad in July to take full advantage of my gap year.

When completing an 8-week ILead course, I was taught how to be an excellent public speaker whilst concurrently working in a team to plan volunteering activities.

When I was voted as team leader and designer during enterprise week, I learned the importance of teamwork as well as the ability to work efficiently under pressure.

Our team successfully managed to design a bike which could charge phones through the rotation of the wheel. I indulge in any opportunity to design something, so when I discovered CAD software in school I was obsessed.

Writing is another passion of mine and along with drawing, it allows me to articulate my ideas effectively.

I have recently combined my love of writing and volunteering by writing a script about female empowerment which was filmed for a large charitable function. It was very rewarding to give back to the community and see the result of something which was initially just an idea on paper.

Ultimately a career in Civil Engineering is my dream and I am excited to further my studies at degree level.

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