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Curiosity has always been my nature since I was young and I was never afraid to know more as I really like challenges.

This is why I have a keen interest in science ever since I started formal education, it explains the hows and whys in almost anything and everything.

As I grow older, I realise that Physics actually fits me better than other sciences like Biology and Chemistry. It intrigues me a lot and leads me to the decision of pursuing my studies in engineering.

Among so many branches of engineering, why would I choose electrical and electronics engineering. Today we are living in an era of technology, electricity plays an important role in our daily life and we can hardly get through a day without electricity.

Electricity is a form of energy. We cannot feel its presence with our physical senses, but we still strongly rely on it.

Simple things around us like the light, television and even our mobile phones, none of them can be operated without electricity. In addition to that, Tesla Motors, a U.S company even manufactures electric cars which are fully electric powered.

As we can see, electricity has had, and will continue to impact our daily life. I am truly amazed by how this invisible but powerful form of energy affect us so much and this is one of the main reasons I wish to further my studies in electrical engineering.

Growing up, the exposure to mass media such as documentaries and Internet has slowly induced my passion towards electrical engineering. I have always enjoyed watching “Mythbusters” and “Curiosity” on Discovery Channel. These documentaries gave me the answers to a lot of questions on my mind.

During my Diploma in electrical engineering studies in INTI College, I have gained more knowledge in electrical engineering through lectures and experiments.

I never knew that we were able to design a door bell by just implementing RC circuit theory and passive components. Besides that, mathematical principles can also be used in circuit analysis.

System behaviours of a circuit can be determined and analysed by mathematical approach or using MATLAB software, which is something new to me.

On top of that, I have seen my seniors building an interactive robot, Mega 1 from scratch. The robot went all the way to Madrid, Spain for a robotics contest and they even won the grand prize! I feel motivated and I am even certain with my decision of becoming an electrical engineer after looking at their works.

I believe that by exploring deeper in this field and utilising what I have learnt, one day in the future I could be like them or even better and introduce more creations to this world. Besides that, I will begin my internship in Philips Lumileds Lighting Company in January 2015.

I believe this experience will grant me insight into the real industrial world and the organization structure of a multinational company, thus prepare myself for the future.

Apart from striving for academic excellence, I am also actively involved in extracurricular activities. I used to be the secretary of my high school’s Young Enterprise Club.

I have learnt that teamwork, determination and good communication are the keys to success. I was very glad and proud to be part of our team, we won the Best Managed Company award.

Besides that, I was also a Training Director in our school’s JCI Junior Club. I developed a sense of responsibility to give back to the society.

During college, I joined the electronic club and Student Ambassador to broaden my knowledge and improve my leadership and communication skills.

I enjoy watching educational videos or documentaries online during my free time as these keep me updated on the current trend and technology.

Furthermore, I play all kind of sports like basketball, soccer and Frisbee to keep myself physically and mentally healthy.

I believe that UK has high quality education and I hope with my electrical engineering qualification, I will be able to make this world a much better place. Will building an Iron Man suit be still a dream? Or a reality?

Well, I believe engineering holds the answer.

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My case is slightly special: I'm taking diploma programme in Malaysia, doing credits transfer and entering the university as a second year student. It's a simple personal statement but nevertheless, I hope this help (:


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