Electrical and Electronics Engineering Personal Statement Example 1

The first fully functional computer ENIAC or Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, spanned over thousand square feet, used eighteen thousand vacuum tubes, and weighed over thirty tons.

A modern CPU however, is a thousand times faster than ENIAC. My curiosity for electronics was initially sparked by computers as it amazed me with its ability to perform billions of calculations in mere seconds.

I was further inspired by the realization that electronics pervaded almost all aspects of modern civilization.

Today electrical engineering forms the underpinning of modern technology and what fascinates me the most is its applicability in real life systems. The breadth of the subject and its rapid advancement makes it a very exciting and relevant field.

Pursuing an engineering degree has exposed me to the challenges that lie in electrical engineering. I found that designing digital circuits and analysing the behaviour of electronic devices to be particularly demanding.

However at the same time it has fuelled my interest in digital communication systems as well as micro-electro-mechanical systems or MEMS. The scope for miniaturization of electrical and mechanical systems to micrometre scales is very appealing.

I find it intriguing that these extremely small systems can cause effects on a macro scale, such as the ability to steer an aircraft by placing tiny actuators on the wings of an aircraft. Apart from these subjects, vector calculus and complex analysis were very interesting topics.

The applications of complex analysis in electrical engineering is significant, and a thorough familiarity with it has made it easier for me to understand several electrical courses.

Supplementing my university courses, I took an online course on audio and music engineering offered by Coursera. I chose this course as it merged my interest in music with engineering and provided me with an opportunity to explore a hands on approach to engineering. The course taught me the basics of acoustics and amplifiers, and as part of a project build a guitar amplifier.

The course was rewarding as I was able to apply several concepts that I had learned in university as well as understand how electronic circuits were designed. It also helped improve my independent study skills.

To be informed of the current trends and advances in technology, I regularly read the R&D magazine, electronic design newsletters, and occasionally the IEEE journals. I believe it is vital for engineers to be acquainted with the advancements in several fields to have a well-rounded perspective on emerging technologies.

I was the general secretary of the university student council during my second year. Along with detailed planning and budgeting of university events, most of my time was spent on persuading and motivating my fellow council members to carry out necessary tasks. These responsibilities have markedly improved my communication, organizational, and leadership skills.

I found that effective time management was critical to balance my commitments. To contribute to the student culture at the university, I cofounded Kairos, a social entrepreneurship club.

I believe that entrepreneurship can be an effective tool to solve problems that affect society. Kairos provides a platform for such entrepreneurs, and offers workshops and talks by guest lecturers.

Building a club from the ground up was challenging, and it required a team effort to recruit members, raise awareness of social issues, schedule events, and raise funds for the club. The experience has taught me valuable decision making and team management skills.

In the future, I wish to undertake research in the field of MEMS, and hopefully contribute to the growth of technology. The research opportunities in the UK coupled with state of the art facilities have supported world class research in engineering. I believe that pursuing a degree from your institution will equip me with the necessary skills and confidence to achieve my goals.

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I am an international transfer student entering into the 2nd year of the universities that I had applied for this year. I wrote this personal statement in 2 to 3 days and I think it has turned out pretty well. I have received conditional acceptances from the following universities:

1. University of Southampton
2. University of Manchester
3. University of Nottingham
4. Sheffield University
5. Cardiff University


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