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Ever since I was a child I had a peculiar interest in science and wondered why things are the way they are. I carried on the passion I had for science in the first few years of secondary education, and due to my ability and love for the subject, I was selected to study triple science at GCSE level.

In first few months after beginning my GCSEs, I became conscious of the feeling that chemistry and mathematics was something I really enjoyed. Chemistry and mathematics always fascinated me because it was challenging yet at the same time rewarding.

Chemical Engineering appeals to me because of the challenges involved in the application of scientific theory to practical, real world problems such as how to deal with nuclear waste and global warming. I am aware that in today's world chemical engineering has an increasingly important role across a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals.

The broad range of career paths, and the opportunity to contribute to society through technological innovation, is for me, one of the main attractions of chemical engineering.

During my AS levels, I grew increasingly aware of environmental factors. All of the major greenhouse gases have increased dramatically in concentration since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. As the world is becoming ever more industrialised, greenhouse gases are rising rapidly. The major sources of these gases include fossil fuel combustion to generate energy.

In industries, current trends are towards clean technologies that are inherently non-polluting, which create yet more challenges for mankind to find alternative renewable source of energy.

Improvement of the environment is a major preoccupation of practising chemical engineers. The treatments of gaseous, liquid and solid effluents from power generation and from the oil and chemical industries are important areas tackled by chemical engineers. For example, chemical engineers have made significant progress in developing methods for the removal of acid-forming gases and particulates from power station flue gases.

Improvement of the environment is a major task ahead of us. By studying chemical engineering I believe I can contribute to making our environment a better one.

With my level of competence in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Persian I am very certain that I have the required background expertise to succeed in a degree and career in chemical engineering.
I have always been interested in sport particularly football and tennis. I play football in a five a side team. At the moment I am doing a lifeguard course.

I have had to attend a gym and swimming pool three times a week, because the course is highly demanding. I intend to complete the lifeguard course and work as a lifeguard during my gap year. I also plan to take driving lessons and to take pass my driving test. I am also planning to travel around Europe as I have many family and friends which, I would like to visit.

After my exams last year, I did six-week voluntary work for Oxfam. It was a wonderful experience and a good opportunity to extend my communication skills and learn to be cooperative with a group of people when you work for Oxfam.

I am looking forward to experiencing university life. I will be the first person from my family to go to university and I hope to inspire my sister and other family and friends to do the same.

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This personal statement was written by Victory4Iran for application in 2006.

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I hope this personal statement is useful to people who want to apply to any Engineering degree. especially chemical engineering.


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