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Civil engineering is a profession that is growing and evolving at a fast pace. Civil engineers play a major role in the world meeting the high demand for new buildings and improved infrastructure. I am keen to become a Civil Engineer and I believe I have the talents to be successful in this profession.

My A-levels have made me more aware of what sorts of problems occur in the real world and how these problems are dealt with. Chemistry has taught me about the environmental effects on the world for example the greenhouse effect. This subject has also given me a better understanding of Material Science and how important this field is in Civil Engineering.

It has helped me to understand why certain materials are used, when Civil Engineers are constructing various projects. Maths helps Civil Engineers with modelling and simulations to predict the behaviour of the structures by using calculus, trigonometry and various other forms of maths.

This degree course involves problem solving, logical thinking and applying rules; which helps engineers to create new ideas, and to produce these new ideas to improve the world today.

Science is applied to real life situations anywhere in the world. Civil Engineers apply science and mathematics to solve real life situations, which are shown by using models when Civil Engineers are building in large scales; for example bridges, dams, skyscrapers, and such. It helps to apply mathematical rules to work out solutions in practical experiments to see whether the designed structures are able to support a certain load.

Scientific evidence must also be provided to prove that designed structures are able to cope with the surrounding area so that it is publicly safe.

My skills are mainly targeted in maths, but I also enjoy practical work which is why I have chosen this course. Motivation and determination will help me to do well and I am positive that I will get through this course successfully as it is where most of my talents are based.

These talents include problem solving, team work and applying rules (e.g. mathematical equations). These skills will help me to solve challenging situations that may arise.

Rugby is my favourite sport, which has helped me with planning and tactical thinking that is needed to get through the opposition.

In year 8, I received an award for one of the best players on the team and for being known as the juggernaut of the team. In year 9, I had received the coach's player of the year award. This will help me in the course, as it will allow me to decide my future, which will hopefully be an engineering career.

My work experience has required me to show good communication skills and leadership. I have worked for 3 years alongside my father in the family business.

Unfortunately, during my GCSE year I had to take full responsibility for managing the whole business because my father became ill which prevented him from managing the business.

As a result, the grades I had received for GCSE were affected. However, this has given me a valuable experience.

My future plans are that I hope to develop and learn different techniques in applying the knowledge, which I will have gained, towards real life situations.

My long term goal with this degree is to work in a company that build large scale projects, however I am aware that I may also be working for companies that build towards smaller scaled projects; like building houses, roads and many others.

But I am happy to work in any type of company, whether these companies build in large scales or smaller scales.

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