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I have always loved space; from the first time I saw the Rover projects on Mars. My ambition from a young age has been to be the part of the team that sends a human to Mars.

As an avid physicist I have looked into a variety of methods and ways this could be achieved but I really want to have a greater knowledge of the science behind space craft and as a result astronautics and aerospace engineering would be a perfect subject for higher education.

My father was first trained as an electrical engineer and when I was little he used to always teach me lots of little things and I believe that is one thing that really helped me develop an interest in physics.

I have attended Loretto School in Musselburgh for five years and going to such a respected school has allowed me to take part in so many activities I would not have normally been able to. It has also installed ideas in me that will be with me for the rest of my life. I was very lucky to receive an all rounder scholarship which allowed me to then attend Loretto, my scholarship was for music, academics and sport.

Over the summer of twenty-eleven I managed to get a job working in China on the building of semi-submersible oil rigs for China Oil Services Limited. This was really an eye opener of the pressures of a job and what is required from an employ at a company. I was involved in setting up a new system designed to improve efficiency. Doing this I learnt about working in a group and the importance of a good work ethic.

Apart from an interest in physics, I also have a keen interest in geography and enjoy learning about why things are the way they are and geography is very good at this. I am also a large follower of the political scene and love being involved in the decisions that are going to shape the future of mine and generations to come.

From a young age I have also been a sports enthusiast playing a wide variety of sports and in rugby representing my county at under fifteen level and playing for my schools first XV. Playing rugby also taught me about the importance of team work and patience.

I also love music and the creation of music and through this I have achieved grades one-six in piano, grade four and five on clarinet and grade six theory. Part of this involved playing in concerts and other such events. One of these involved at age twelve playing for the duke of Kent and his family at a diner event.

I enjoy all my A-level subjects especially physics, which I have liked from an early age and I gave a lecture on the problems with getting a man on mars. I did this as part of my schools academic society which organises a series of lectures by both students and experts in there fields. I also took part in the British physics Olympiad which was a great challenge and yet very interesting.

Aerospace engineering has fascinated me from an early age and that's why it has always been my dream profession. One advantage I have is the ability to solve mathematical and physical problems. I feel that higher education will sharpen and develop my above skills further.

This subject will not only allow me to investigate new technologies but it will also give me the opportunity to develop and focus on one of my genuine interests.

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