Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement Example 22

With recent advancements in current projects including SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, the aerospace industry is still very much at the height of technology.

With ever more tremendous progress being made every day, this is an industry which I hope to be part of. The art of designing and manufacturing cannot only defy what people believe about the world's limits, but it can also create new heights in which future engineers can reach.

This concept fascinates me, and it is one of the key reasons I have decided to pursue an interest in engineering.

I first became interested in the field of aerospace engineering when I was shown a video of the Nasa X-43 Concept aircraft reach MACH 9.6 (11,000km/h).

This was regarded as a triumph for the engineering community, yet I was unaware of its significance.

I started to research into this matter and other high-speed aircraft and subsequently understood as to why an accolade such as this was so important but also the types of technology that made it possible.

The combinations of my A-level subjects have equipped me with the appropriate knowledge to entirely foster myself intellectually for a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

The multiplicity that mathematics possess has always intrigued me. From the manner in which a particle on an inclined plane travels to the variety of techniques used in calculus for differentiation and integration.

Understandably these interests stem over to Physics, a subject in which for every imaginable question there is a logical answer. From the fundamental particles like quarks and their corresponding exchange particles to the limitless uses and application of electromagnetic waves.

Therefore a discipline that has long been the go-between of these two giants and has taken the best from each to positively develop and modernize our civilization is the profession I wish to devote my career too.

When I was a little older, I began to assist my father in his carpentry shop. This has helped me to develop skills such as leadership, organisation, responsibility, independence and creativity.

I have established my role as a leader by assisting customers in helping them to choose the most appropriate product or by giving them a quote on the job at hand.

Communicating with customers has led me to become more creative at this role as I have had to undergo many tasks in both the workshop and on the showroom floor.

During this process, I had to be proactive and solve problems in a logical and rational manner.

My involvement with Access, which is a school run programme to help students gain work experience for different subjects has taught me how major businesses market their product and how they advertise their ideas to various age groups. For example, I was given the opportunity to assist Twitter with their website appeal and how they could make their company more appealing to all of their target audience.

This was a good opportunity to express my ideas. Meeting people from Google allowed me to further my knowledge in designing process of the variety of products they offered and gave me an insight of the level of planning and testing that go into all their products before they are unveiled to the general public. This afterwards showed me the discipline that engineers have to undergo to finalise a product.

I believe that engineering has long been the heart and brain of the development of the human race. As it is derived from the most vital sciences, Mathematics and Physics.

It is with an intense passion for these skills and the subject matter my course beholds that I wish to further my understanding of engineering at an established and reputable university.

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