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Physics is that branch of science without which science is just like a beautiful lamp with no light. For centuries, mathematicians and physicists have made plenty of scientific contributions thus helping the world make a better place to live.

From the works of Isaac Newton to the discoveries of Einstein, the engineering world has taken a giant leap in advancement. This great modernization demonstrates that engineering is full of challenges and this is why I'm fascinated and curious to study it in detail.

I've been inquisitive to study physics and mathematics and thus try to picture them in my daily life. Thoughts of Mechanics and dynamics enter my mind whenever I walk, slip, witness an accident or throw a ball in a projectile motion. Getting inspired from Faraday has sustained my interests in electronics; his incredible invention of the first transformer and his laws of electromagnetism which are widely used today marks him as a true genius.

Apart from this, willing to be updated of the current physical research, I never leave a word unread in the weekly science newspaper; it involves new interesting technologies and I've found the article 'little electricity, more mileage' to be thrilling as it explained how newly manufactured electric cars can self-charge themselves, run for miles in a one-time battery charge and had horsepower equivalent to that of high-performance vehicles!.

I've also participated in a math project in which I tried to invent a way to find areas of irregular shapes, although it was a hard thing to do but I never gave up.

After lots of research, I came up with a rather funny yet valuable idea, to draw small squares of known areas and fit them in the irregular shape to find the overall approximate area. It wasn't a success but it strengthened my desires to pursue mathematics at undergraduate level.

Moreover, O and A level have given me an excellent insight into engineering and I find the courses intriguing. I enjoy diversity in learning and therefore plan to study economics at AS-level as well. Self-studying various topics out of curiosity in mathematics and physics has also helped me develop an independent approach towards studies. Becoming a math and physics tutor has allowed me to extend engineering beyond classroom.

Sometimes, teaching becomes even more challenging when my student shows agility in problem solving. Moreover, I've been chosen in a 'student a.k.a teacher' scheme in which our teacher chose the best students in class and they were asked to teach a whole class of 30 students professionally.

I've also been selected as a monitor for my class for an year in which I had to manage and record the class's attendance, exam performances and behavior. These participations as well as teaching has enhanced my qualities of working under pressure, confidence, interactive as well as leadership skills and helped me earn several achievement certificates. Furthermore, I'm also enthusiastic about art and used it to create pollution and global warming awareness during school life and have successfully received a third position.

My extracurriculars involve challenging others across the globe with games like scrabble and anagram. Cricket is my favorite sport and I've played a vital role in my team's performance thus achieving the best bowler award. Reading fiction is part of my lifestyle and I've tons of novels. I also surf the net and mostly love to read about the works and lives of great scientists.

Therefore, I believe that a degree from the UK will give me exciting opportunities to witness the challenging adventures engineering has to offer thus transforming me into a leading engineer.

I plan to move on towards research after graduation to fulfill my desires to revolutionize the engineering world hence establishing myself as a role model for my university as well as for my country where I'll adopt every possible approach to make learning physics and mathematics fun and easily accessible for all.

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didnt sleep at nights just to make this took plenty of effort to make it. Didn't get an oxford offer :(...though i'm still glad my hard work paid off. :)


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