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Professor Elnashaie states, in Nanotechnology for Chemical Engineers, that the fundamental principles of nanoparticles are directly synergistic with the intricate world of chemical engineering.

My desire to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering originates from my appreciation of the significant work done by chemical engineers in implementing the practical applications of nanotechnology and translating this Nano-work into the fields shaping the world - the sciences, Computer Science, and even Economics.

My knowledge on the structure of nanoparticles significantly increased through courses taken in my A-Levels. Carbon nanotubes in particular fascinated me, especially how Graphene could support a cat weighing four kilograms while it itself would be only as heavy as the cat’s whisker.

This property of Graphene has made it a suitable replacement of aluminum in aircrafts - cutting down costs and making the aircraft stronger at the same time.

However, the school curriculum alone was unable to satiate my curiosity on the advancements of nanotechnology. I soon found myself immersed in the ‘Chemical World’ published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Rummaging through magazines like this and ChemMatters has inspired me as the breakthroughs of various scientists further cements my passion for Chemical Engineering and conducting relevant research on graphene to shape future industries, given their potential use in space technology. My latest obsession is now with the recent development of endohedral fullerenes.

Though in its experimental phase, the possible applications of endohedral fullerene are truly remarkable. I was greatly intrigued by its application in creating the most accurate GPS tracking system with an accuracy of up to one millimeter - this could revolutionise the driverless car technology by avoiding collisions of cars in the near future.

Working as an intern at Honda Atlas has also enabled me to fully comprehend the theoretical integration of endohedral fullerenes in to the GPS of cars.

Interning in the Research Department of Shaukat Khanum Cancer and Research Hospital, I was also able to explore the effects of nanoparticle-resembling LSD cholesterol against cancer cells under the tutelage of renowned surgeon Zulqarnain Chaudhry.

By participating in these two diverse professions has enabled me to discern between industrial and medical uses of nanotechnology. Moreover handling laboratory work has given me experience for the future endeavors I will face in this field.

My zest for Mathematics has also made Chemical Engineering an ideal degree for me to pursue. A strong aptitude in Mathematics enables me to devise a systematical solution to any complication I face. Other subjects I have taken in my A-Levels are Biology and Physics which complement my choice of degree.

Studying Biotechnology in my A-Level course has laid the foundations in finding economically efficient ways to making products on a large scale. While performing experiments to test out different scenarios in Physics equips me with essential traits in recognising multiple approaches to a single problem.

Outside academics, I have also been involved in various science competitions like Tesla Trials where I had to incorporate my practical skills with my knowledge of Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics to create a mini-powered steam engine in limited timespan.

I relish these competitions where I can express my thoughts into actions and practically test skills I have picked up in and out of the class. I am also the ambassador of the AISIEC-Youth Forum to my school, assisting me in polishing my communication skills with people around me.

The capability of converting theories into reality is the emblematic characteristic of a chemical engineer I am eager to find inside me. I am an individual possessing high ambitions and it is my firm belief that the unparalleled standard set by UK universities is an excellent platform for me to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

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I got offers from UCL, UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER, EDINBURGH AND LOUGHBOROUGH. waiting decision for Imperial College london. pls rate this p.s


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