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“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt”, Shakespeare William. Those motivational lines are always giving me the strength to achieve my goals.

As I’m deeply attracted to mechanistic parts of organic reactions and the chemotherapeutic applications of coordination compounds, I chose to study chemistry; during the undergraduate studies, I have had the opportunity to study the work of various great chemists. I have been completely captivated by the discovery of new elements, amongst which Ra and Po, by M. Curie, as well as the contribution of A. Hantzsch to the evolution of synthetic chemistry.

Therefore, the urge to improve my academic horizons, has been fueled; at the first semesters of my undergraduate studies, some of my grades were indecent (5 and 6,5/10), since it took me a while to apply efficiently the theoretical parts, that I learnt and especially the spectroscopic techniques (1H, 13C NMR, IR and UV-Vis). Yet, my devotion to improvement and enjoyment to challenging subjects, allowed me to push myself to achieve the best outcome in courses such as organic, bioinorganic, bioorganic, pharmaceutical chemistry and enzymology (8 and 9/10). Among my favorite topics, Fischer projections, reactivity of enolate ions, applications of Crystal Field Theory (C.F.T) and mechanisms of metabolic pathways, are of the most interest.

Last year, I performed my Erasmus internship at Universitat Jaume I (Castelló de la Plana, Spain); during that time, I attended laboratory sessions, focusing on the synthesis and the purification of organic compounds, transition metal complexes and nanoparticles. Due to those subjects, I gained quite a practical experience. Given the fact that the purpose of my bachelor thesis, was to determine the interactions between the enzyme group of topoisomerases with various coordination compounds, on the context of two supplementary parameters (in vitro processes and in silico modellings), I was fortunate enough to study the evaluation of pharmacological potential of specific compounds, and mainly their cytotoxic activity.

Reading science books and magazines, is something I have always relished; the books “Crabtree, R. H. (2019). The organometallic chemistry of the transition metals ” and “Clayden, J., Greeves, N., & Warren, S. G. (2012). Organic Chemistry”, helped me to understand better, the value of π backdonation at some coordination compounds, like [Cr(CO)6] and the effect of copper (I) salts on organometallic reagents (transmetallation), respectively. Moreover, Nernst equation, regarding redox reactions and kinetics (conductometry, spectrophotometry) are topics that intrigued me.

Outside of my studies, I participated in voluntary actions, aimed to the financial support of families, suffering from cancer; apart from the satisfaction of offering help to people in need, I had the chance to learn that we should stop overestimate our daily anxieties of youth, as life is a gift which should not be taken for granted.

Now I’m looking forward to experience the next step; there’s nothing better for me, than specializing my love for chemistry, via the acquisition of a Master of Science (MSc). Being accepted to a MSc program regarding applied organic Chemistry or Catalysis , is so important an opportunity for me, since as a future graduate, I will have gained the demanded knowledge, in order to confront the emerging technologies, concerning the discovery of promising drugs and synthetic processes, in the fields of organic and inorganic chemistry. Furthermore, I will be able to proceed my studies to PhD level.

To conclude, my determined personality, combined to the maturity to study independently, make me well suited to higher education. It would be really joyful for me, contributing to those courses and advocating chemistry, so as to aspire younger students.

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Received offers from:
a. University of St. Andrews (MSc Catalysis)
b. University of East Anglia (MSc Advanced Organic Chemistry)


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