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By having this opportunity to apply to university, I hope to specialise in the fields of chemistry and computing, as I currently study these subjects at 'A' level. I have enjoyed the aspect of creating systems in I.C.T and have found chemistry, moreover, organic chemistry fascinating

Currys, the electronic retail store, currently employ me, to work with the sales support team. My duties mainly include using an online credit facility and updating the customer database. I also deal with customer queries, which requires me to have knowledge on most of the products in store, mainly knowledge about personal computers. I enjoy being part of the store, as it allows me to enhance both my communication and interaction skills, with both customers and members of staff

I believe I lead an active life, which is reflected by the activities I do during my recreational time. I am a keen follower and player of cricket. I was part of my school team from years seven through till eleven, where I was an opening bowler. This again placed emphasis on teamwork. I also like to read a broad range of books, mainly dealing with current debates. Currently I am reading, Unweaving The Rainbow, by Richard Dawkins, where he discusses the argument that science diminishes the beauty of nature, by stating logical explanations. I also enjoy other part time hobbies such as watching films and eating at restaurants.

At school, I am a member of the sixth form committee, where I and other members present ideas on how the sixth form should be run. I am representative of my form group and it was last year where I was elected Vice Chairman of the committee, which gave me a high level of responsibility. In my previous school, I was a Prefect, which again gave me a high level of responsibility, as I dealt with students lower down the school. I also participate in fund raising events, as I like to help people less fortunate than myself. Last year I wore a costume and collected money for Children In Need, and was also part of a team of sixth formers who went around the school to collect money for the India Earthquake Appeal. We managed to raise more than six hundred pound.

At university, I hope to further both my understanding and knowledge of Chemistry and I.C.T. Ideally I would like a career where both subjects could be combined. An example of this is in Medicine Manufacturing, where a computer simulation shows the effects of medicines on the human body. I intend to contribute aspects of my life, to university life.

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can you help me as chemistry related subejects like pharmacists

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